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1: Molten Chocolate Cake Journey

My inaugural post on this blog. I will try to keep it going. (: But I think it will be mostly recounts of food experiences. Now, MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE.

My first experience with this dessert was Bakerzin’s Warm Chocolate Cake. The cake was lovely, the chocolate was rich and good. The cake was crispy on the outside and moist, fudgey and chocolatey-gooey on the inside. It was served with lovely caramelised orange and VANILLA BEANS ice cream (and so I fell in love with the vanilla beans ice cream. vanilla ice cream never tasted so good). The pair (the cake and ice cream) were just perfect together. (:

So I attempted to reconstruct the warm chocolate cake using Nigella’s recipe. It was a really good first attempt and the product was so good (I’m not praising myself). Made them for the first time during our first zainus cooking session at my house. But the problem was that they were wobbly and collapsed once I removed them from the paper muffin cups.

the first attempt (using Van Houten’s Baking Chocolate)


The second attempt was a mash. A chocolatey mash and it was slightly better (in terms of taste, cause I used Carrefour Noir chocolate with orange bits). It had a nice orangey fragrance. It was moist. But it was still not in its cake like form.


The third attempt was a failure. I used a slightly different recipe that called for more butter and more eggs. It wasn’t moist and molten but was a dense chocolate cake. And clever me used1/4 the amount of sugar used so it was rather unsweet. And I followed the recipe and coated the sides with butter and cocoa powder. But the sides were charred and burnt, probably due to the cocoa powder. But it had a nice cake-like form.


So I trashed the previous recipe and reverted back to my good ol’ Nigella recipe. But I used Cadbury Old Gold 70% cocoa this time round. And my fourth attempt turned out to be a success. It had a cake-like form. The exterior was slightly ‘crispy’, the interior was moist and molten. The cake was removed with great ease from the metal mould. Hmm, I think the improvement from the 1st attempt was from my use of the metal moulds. For the 1st 2 attempts, I used paper muffin cups. And I decided to take the dive and use the metal moulds. And they were lovely.


But still, they were a stark difference from the ones at Bakerzin. But it was a good attempt. And definitely, a good and easy and simple dessert to serve guests. It was really easy to whip up and I took a mere 20 minutes to complete the weighing, the mixing and the baking of the cakes. How easy is that?

But I’m still dreaming of my Bakerzin’s Warm Chocolate Cake (they claim they used Valrhona chocolate) and that lovely vanilla ice cream with vanilla beans!


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