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11: Scones, Chocolates and Therapy

Yes, Mum and I made scones today. Cranberry scones (with a hint of cinammon) and they looked so pretty! I love scones, warm, with a dollop of jam/marmalade (raspberry or orange). They are perfect breakfast/material and perfect comfort food. Another food craving satisfied!




And I really think I suffer from chocolate addiction. During this 7 days of HQO, I abstained from chocolate. And now, I suffer from chocolate withdrawal syndrome. So I told myself that the first thing I wanted to do once I’m released from this home imprisonment will be to get some chocolate. Here’s 2 bars of chocolate I bought earlier this afternoon. What great joy just looking at them!


And during the 7 days of HQO, I was really terribly bored in the confinements of my room. I thought I was turning a recluse. So besides taking my Oseltamavir (Tamiflu)  religiously… (Hehe I’m so proud of my Tamiflu)


Beside having to open the door to visiting CISCO-MOH officers three times a day, while watching korean & japanese dramas and korean variety dramas all day long, I succumbed to online shopping again! Tried this time round and was really satisfied. Gmarket is really easy to use, the stuff are pretty and cheap and the shipping/delivery was really fast. Bought a korean tee for $6.70, a ring and three pairs of korean earrings! Here’s my three pairs of korean earrings! So pretty and of really good quality 🙂


I want more korean tee shirts from gmarket! They are of great fit and really comfortable. Bought many during my last two trips to Korea in 2007 and 2008 and also some online (from Zipia). They are really great for school. Schooldays are lazy days (you are just too lazy to dress up) cause you go to school to study (and not for some fashion show). So comfy tee shirts over a pair of nice jeans have been my dress code for the past 2 years in uni. I want more!

And yes, 2NE1 has a new mini album. The much awaited girls group, 2NE1, Big Bang’s little sisters. And the mini album has really nice tracks! I’m impressed. They are just for me. And very ‘Big Bang’-ish too. I like! Plus, SNSD’s new song “Tell Me A Wish (Genie)” is rather catchy and addictive too.

Whee. AND did I mention my new baking challenge? I am going to challenge:


I’m thinking swiss rolls, filled with 1) Good orange marmalde/preserves, 2) Nutella, 3) Buttercream with dried apricots, 4) DURIANS (OMG yumm)… What do you think?


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