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12: Ice Cream

Yes, another of my cravings was satisfied today. Chanced upon the Meiji Matcha Ice Cream (retailing at one large cup for $2.50) at the Japanese Fair at P.S. today. Had it once during the Japanese Summer Festival last year and it was really really good. Good quality matcha ice cream that is not very sweet and most importantly, the price is rather reasonable (versus Azabu Sabo’s ice cream for around $4-6)

Shared one cup with Mummy and she was really impressed as well. And she even mentioned that if we brought a cooler bag, we could have actually bought some home (that was rather unexpected from Mummy). But oh well, I’m glad Mummy liked it too.

Anyone knows where to get these in Singapore? They were even selling the Yubari melon flavoured ones just now. (OMG I love the yubari melon ice cream back in Hokkaido! I miss the ice cream back in Japan.)


I remember seeing some Japanese matcha ice cream sold in boxes of 8-9 at NTUC Fairprice Finest and it was around $9. I remember telling E & Mummy that I wanted to eat those, but I was happily ignored by the rest of the world. So I guess I’ll have to make my own way to Fairprice Finest when I’m free to get those (that is if they are still available). Crossing my fingers!

And hehe, bought another bar of chocolate today! This time round, it’s from Carrefour. It’s the Carrefour dark chocolate bar with pears! So rare to find pears in chocolates and it’s retailing for only $2.95 for a 150g bar. I love Carrefour chocolates (they are of good quality and are cheap).

For now, my fridge is well stocked with chocolates, stocked up for rainy days (and gloomy days).

Watched Yu Hui-yeol’s Sketchbook on KBS World just now. I’m loving KBS World. 🙂 There’s nice variety programmes every day (and of course, korean dramas as well). And was so surprised when Park Myung-soo and Yoo Jae-suk appeared on Sketchbook! Hahaha they are so funny! I’m so loving these 2 guys. Liked them on Muhan Dojeon (Infinity Challenge).

I’m so addicted to korean variety programmes these days. Infinity Challenge:)

You know, I was talking about challenging the SWISS ROLLS. How does matcha swiss roll with Hokkaido Azuki beans (red beans) sound? YUMM? I’m also thinking about making some FUDGY WALNUT BROWNIES! Chanced upon this cookbook of mine and it has silken beancurd in them! How rare! And they were saying that the brownies are a fat-reduced option and just as moist and delicious (cause the secret lies in silken beancurd). Sounds good right? And the amount of oil used is rather little too. I should bake soon! YES…


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