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19: TOFU-licious Part 2

What does lunch mean to you? A satisfying plate of fried hokkien prawn mee. A bowl of good ol’ Bak Chor Mee.

When I’m home alone and have to settle lunch all by myself, I wouldn’t care for some instant noodles. Throw in 2 slices of wholemeal bread with nice sandwich filling/topping and I’m happy.

So this time round, I used the leftover silken tofu from the walnut brownies this morning. Mashed them up and steam them for 10 minutes, together with a corn on the cob.


The corn kernels, mashed tofu and sliced processed cheese. All in one. Looks like baby’s food but it’s nutritious. The corn kernels were super super sweet.





The assembled masterpiece. Mashed silken tofu with melted cheese and sweet corn sandwich! NUTRITIOUS, HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS! 🙂 Some say that healthy food are not nice tasting. It’s bland and tasteless. I beg to differ. Healthy food can be yummy. It’s been 5 years since I started paying great attention to my diet. Under the influence of my parents. No fried, deep-fried food. Go steam, boil, blanch, raw… Eat your veggies, less meat, less oil, less salt, less sugar, more grains. Brown and red unpolished rice for dinner. 🙂

It’s been part of my lifestyle now. Although there are occasions when I succumb to sweet treats, desserts, fried food, outside food, fast food, but rarely now.

My sandwich today was packed full of flavour. The sweetness and crunch from the corn. The delightful beancurd taste from the mashed tofu. The lovely toasted wholemeal bread. 🙂 YUMMY, SATISFYING HEALTHY LUNCH.


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