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23: All Things Nice

Here’s a snapshot of the famous Mozart chocolates my classmate got for us on her trip to Salzburg (Austria) this July. It’s a haphazard shot taken in the LT before class.


And here’s the cute and lovely chocolate wassant I got from Provence at Holland Village. Back then when I was working in Holland, I would frequently drop by Provence to get my favourite milk pan and a pack of 10 wassants.


And yes, I was bored. Was left home alone this evening (due to unforseen circumstances) and had to settle dinner myself. Dinner was a simple muesli with fresh milk. But I was full after dinner and wanted to talk a walk downstairs. But somehow I ended up at Cold Storage and got some chocolate, silken tofu and plain flour. This is my 2nd tofu chocolate fudgey brownie. This time round, with 300g of silken tofu, 200gm of chocolate and 70gm of sugar. It was moist, good and unsweet. Me like:)




But I think I won’t be getting the Fortune brand silken tofu anymore. It was good that the brownie this time round didn’t have the tofu taste in it. But I prefer a slight subtle beancurd taste to it. The unicurd brand silken tofu I used the previous round was more fragrant and smelt of fresh beancurd and the brownie made with it had nice lovely tofu taste.


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