really random posts about food, eating well and healthy, my life, chocolates and dramas!

#26: Of loves and picnics #2

The second instalment. Here’s the powerpacked ham and cheese sandwiches.


My personal favourite, foccacia bread. I like the lovely smell and taste of herbs and bread.


Pasta. I’m not exactly a pasta person. But I do enjoy the occasional pasta. I ate this with thanks (cause it was made by one of my friends and it was so rare that she cooked for us)


Here’s my new creation. Rina’s prune cinammon choco muesli walnut cups. (lengthy name!)


On a sidenote, I never knew I was “allergic” to amoxicillin. Hmm but the amoxicillin rash is common. Anyway, I’m sick of school and having to face everyone. I hate having to smile at others when I don’t feel happy (or when I don’t feel like smiling at all). I hate having to pretend that I’m all cheery. I don’t like having to face the many faces of my class, knowing that everyone around is just so superficial and hypocritical.


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