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42: School Lunch

Having the 2nd meal of the day in school is really a daily affair for me. I would be too lazy to travel out of my faculty to have lunch. The thought of having to squeeze onto the packed internal shuttle buses puts me off.

I never liked long queues. Long queues in the canteen during lunch hours is a really common sight. It is the reason why I’ve never tried some stalls in my canteen in the past 2.25 years in uni. Stalls like the claypot rice stall, the chinese mixed vegetables rice stall, the western food stall, the (other) noodles stall.

My staple for lunch this semester consists of food from the vegetarian stall, the yong tau foo stall, the mee sua at the noodles stall and sandwich (from either the snacks stall or over at Spinelli).

I’ve been craving for the ham and cheese sandwich from Spinelli for the longest time but it’s always out of stock! The sandwich is really yummy and really popular. If it’s OOS, being lazy, I would always proceed to the stall with the shortest queue.

My favourite, the queue with the shortest queue – Vegetarian Stall:)

I love the pumpkin and yam dish there! I can never finish the whole plate of rice so I would often request for less rice. But often, I wouldn’t be able to finish the “less” rice too. And when I order, I would order all 3 vegetable dishes and not the mock meat dishes. It is rather healthy, the food there is less salty and less oily. And the variety of dishes is rather great. I love my pumpkins so the pumpkin dish is a permanent cast on my plate of rice. I wonder why some people just don’t like Vegetarian. I love my vegetarian:)

The other stall I often frequent is the Yong Tau Foo stall. It always has a long queue of people waiting for their food. Surprisingly, it can be rather fast sometimes. And when I do order, it’ll be all vegetables or tofu for me. No fried stuff:) It’s healthy, light and really good.


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