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46: Erratic Weather?

I got a new haircut today! And I felt young again! The hairstylist who did my hair was quite good and he offered some really good advice (he knows what he was doing). My previous hairdo (according to him) made me look dull so he gave me a fresh new look. And as the title of this post suggests, the salon I went to was appropriately named TWISTER by MONSOON. Erratic weather?

And yes, I FINALLY bought my 21st birthday gift from Daddy & Mummy after 6 months. Mummy wanted to get me either a proper dress watch or some jewelry. But I thought a watch was more practical because I could wear it out or to school. So I was tasked by Mummy to look out for any nice watches that I like. I wasn’t in any hurry to get it anyway so the search took 6 months. I bought a Swatch watch, it is not a rather new collection (I think it was released last year) but I like the design. So here it is, Mold Light. Pretty? I’ve 3 watches in my collection now. The first has served me well for 9 years and it’s still so hardy and reliable. The second is my lovely green vintage Fossil watch. And this is my third.


And the mere mention of the annual mid-autumn festival means you get to eat mooncakes! Mummy made some snowskin mooncakes last year. This year, she was feeling lazy so we bought our mooncakes. This time round, Mummy and Daddy travelled across the causeway to get mooncakes! Lavender mooncakes 🙂 And they are really not bad, especially the one with the mixed nuts. Plus, it’s cheap. I think they spent around RM120 for 3 boxes of Lavender mooncakes (And they got a RM10 voucher which they spent on breads/cakes).

This is the mixed nuts mooncake. It’s packed full of nutty goodness, the almonds are in wholes!  There’s also walnuts, peanuts, melon seeds, orange peels and more. Really generous fillings and the best deal, it’s not sweet at all! The healthier version of mooncakes. Still, one shouldn’t overindulge in these mooncakes. They may look small, harmless and innocent but one of these is packed full of calories, 800-1000kcal, that’s practically 2 meals or 70%  of the our recommended daily intake. Really scary figures!


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