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Archive for October 22, 2009

57: Natural Selection

I’m getting very stressed, now that the final exams are a month away. And for the next 4 weeks (or so), I’m piled with 6 really important and content-heavy CAs/tests (means they are as important as exams). There’s barely enough time to study and to breathe before the next paper. But I’m confident that I can do it, just as I have managed to overcome all the crazy workload for the past 2 years of my life in uni. I’ve started planning the ‘official’ start of my exams revision. I’m hoping I will tide through this period safe and emotionally/physically/mentally sound. And then, it will be the long awaited holidays = BKK trip!

The people in my course are crazy, crazily smart and hardworking. I know that I’m not the best in my ‘field of study’. But I am willing to work hard, work extra extra hard. My close friends within my course are amazingly intelligent and sometimes, I feel incredulously inferior. And I do know that there are some who think nothing of others, they may look down on you. For now, I choose not to bother with them. My pride may be affected. But I strongly believe I am different. We all have our strengths. To all those who may look down on me, do watch out.

I will continue to be me, I will put in my best in everything I do. Just as cancer cells, being genetically instable, only the fittest of them all will survive. Only those who silently are capable of tolerating all the low pH, hypoxic conditions, immune attacks, cytotoxic therapies etc, can ultimately survive and develop as what-we-all-know as malignant cancer. I will need to be like them. I will overcome everything and SURVIVE!

You got to believe that you are different, Rina. Secretly, I’m wishing that I may be the lucky 2 to get selected although I do know that competition is really strong (and there is this friend of mine who is really nice and smart and I feel she might get it). But I’m secretly hoping they will like me. I do my best in everything I do. I believe hardwork pays off. I hope one day, someone out there will recognise my potential. Given the number of failed interviews I’ve gone through, I’ve improved a whole lot. I’m hoping one day, I can make it.