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Archive for October 24, 2009

59: House

I’m hooked on House.


I know I’m really slow since House first broadcasted in 2004. But I think everything makes SO MUCH SENSE to me now that I’m learning the diseases, the drugs and therapies. It feels good knowing that I know what they are talking about (the disease and the different symptoms) and yes, the drugs (yes, the drugs).

House is way way much better than Grey’s Anatomy or any local/korean/japanese/US medical drama I’ve watched in history.

House is cool 🙂


58: Patisserie Glace

I don’t think these photos do justice to these lovelies.


I’ve been drooling over photos of cakes from Pattiserie Glace for the longest time. It’s a cake store helmed by a Japanese chef and their lovely cakes have been featured in various forms of media (newspapers, blogs, magazines and many more).

I finally got the opportunity to visit Patisserie Glace just last Saturday. They have shifted to a store at Icon Village, just near Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. If PG was available 2 years ago when I was working at Shenton Way, I’ll definitely be a regular customer.

It was rather disappointing (not that the cakes were not yummy) but we didn’t manage to try more cakes. We reached Patisserie Glace at around 4pm on Saturday and the fridge was practically EMPTY. The two couples before us (a Singaporean couple and a Japanese couple) bought the remaining Strawberry Souffles left in the fridge. When it was our turn, we were only left with 2 Strawberry Hills in the fridge.

Lesson to be learnt: Do make your way down early if you want to get the cakes!

I want to try the strawberry souffle and (my favourite!) Mont Blanc. I’m in love with anything CHESTNUT 🙂 I do want to try Patisserie Glace’s version of Mont Blanc. My first experience with Mont Blanc was the rather wonderful purple sweet potato Mont Blanc at Sun with Moon Japanese Restaurant. I tried Rive Gauche Patisserie’s Mont Blanc and it wasn’t satisfying (the entire cake was way too sweet for me, even though I do have a huge tolerance for sweet stuff). And I do thoroughly REGRET not trying any Japanese cakes and pastries when I was in Hokkaido and Tokyo last December! So foolish of me! But because I had my parents there then and I could not spend as I wish.

Here’s the Strawberry Hill from Patisserie Glace. I thought it was nice. Not cloyingly sweet.


And here’s the Rin Rin Cheese Tart in Blueberry. It was frozen and tasted like ice cream to me. Yum 🙂