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60: My Birthday Wish + Post-Exams To-Do List Revealed

What I want for my Birthday (next year) is this…



Kenwood Ice Cream Makers!

I don’t really care which model, it does not have to be too expensive. I can make do with the cheapest and most primitive ice cream maker around. I have seen makers with price ranging from $700-900 online and the prices scare me off. I just read in the papers that someone bought a Kenwood ice cream maker for around $90. It sounds reasonable, my Kenwood bread machine is around the same price too. I have got a strong gut feeling that Tangs (the kitchenware section) or Carrefour might carry these ice cream makers.

And I want to get these too…



(Pictures credited to:

Disney Cookie Cutters!

I mean, the cookies are just so ADORABLE. They make such lovely Christmas gifts and Valentine’s Day gifts for my family and friends. I heard some online sources mention that  they are being sold at BHG Bugis and at Carrefour. Are they still available there? Or are there any other places (in Singapore) where one can get them? I really really want to get these lovely Disney cookie cutters. But it’ll be exactly 1 month and 1 week before I have the time to go downtown shopping (and that happily and coincidentally corresponds to the end of the semester exams).

Alright, there are so many things I want to do after the exams. And the list is NON-EXHAUSTIVE.

Post-Exams To-Do List

1) Go shopping for my disney cookie cutters.

2) Check out the price of the Kenwood Ice Cream Makers and start saving up the money for them since I don’t think they’ll  appear as my birthday gifts after all.

3) Start my research for my Bangkok Trip.

4) Eat/Buy the swiss rolls (I have swiss roll cravings since forever!) from Rich & Good Cake Shop. I have read really good online reviews on the swiss rolls there. It doesn’t help that these online reviews have such delicious looking photos of the swiss rolls. There’s their famous kaya roll and (I want my) durian roll.

4) Eat some ice cream (Pulau Hitam & Horlicks ice cream from Island Creamery, Mao Shan Wang ice cream from Udders and many more)

5) Buy some Royce Nama chocolates and more Royce chocolates. (Note to myself: Visit the Royce at Ion)

5) Visit Ion Orchard (I’m such a noob. I’ve been there twice but I barely stepped into the shops there). I want to get some comfy “school wear” from Uniqlo and explore the B4 Food Hall.


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