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Archive for October 28, 2009

63: Cringe

To “cringe” is to “recoil in distaste”.

That was what my sister did when I prepared this for my lunch yesterday.


Wholemeal sandwich with mashed steam pumpkin and enoki mushroom.

Sometimes, I really do think I’m strange. I eat strange stuff and I do occasional strange stuff. At least, if you compare me with girls of my age (let’s just say the girls in my current school clique, the whole bunch of them), I think I’m different. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to connect on the same level as them. Alright, our tastebuds are definitely different. I would often settle for all veggies dishes for lunch (i.e. rice with 3 veggie sides), while they will go for the meats. And even so, the veggies I would choose are the veggies most people dislike (i.e. celery, bittergourd, pumpkin etc). And if we dine at restaurants, I would choose the “unique” meals, meals that my bunch of friends wouldn’t go for. In fact, most of them would settle for the same sets every single time we visit that particular restaurant. They love going to the same restaurant again and again (even if the food is mediocre and the price not exactly economical). And I would just tag along obediently. For me, I would love to try different kinds of food every time we dine at restaurants. It’s really boring to just stick to the same meal every single time. They eat fast food every week (KFC, McD etc) while I eat fast food only once in a blue moon (1-2x a year). And because of all these, I’m considered slightly different. But still, it’s probably the people I’m stuck with. If the people I’m stuck with were more adventurous, it would have been different.

Sometimes, I start to feel that even through I may be surrounded by a million people (or rather hundreds of people), I feel so lonely inside. And because of this, I start hating school. And I get my all-day blues.

But I still have my bunch of close friends to fall back on. With them, I’m so much at ease. We’ve known one another for 7-9 years and many more to come. They are my pillars of support. We’ve travelled overseas together a few times. Good travel companions are never easy to come by since most people would not be able to survive a week (or more) with one another 24/7, without having those internal conflicts.

On a happier note, I’ve got my Pooh and Piglet cookie cutters. I’m going to make my cookies soon (I think I’ll have much more time next week). Yays!

Oh and I did not realise that my favourite perfume Lanvin’s Eclat D’arpege has a limited edition. The bottle is so pretty too! It has musical notes on the glass bottle itself! It sounds logical given that the name of the perfume comes from the word arpeggios. And I adore anything musical:) But it’s expensive. $80 for a 50ml bottle. I’ll just admire it visually. Heh:)


It’s back to Thursday blues tomorrow. I’ve a long day in school tomorrow. Nothing is going to help me cheer up! The thought of school and facing those ‘evil’ people in my course is just terrible!