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66: Just Another Rainy Day

Today’s a wet day. It rained for a tiny while before I left the house for school today. It rained heavily when I was going to leave school for home (and I was drenched although I had my trusty green brolly). It rained for a tiny while again in the late afternoon. I was flipping through my notes for the test tomorrow at the sofa and was about to fall asleep when the sudden downpour woke me up.


I love rainy days. I don’t like the feeling of getting drenched and wet but being able to walk in the heavy rain with the trusty green brolly can be a rather surreal feeling. And I love rainy days when I’m home. Rainy days are emo days. Me like:)

I’ve been really down these days and I’m constantly feeling very lethargic. In school, I really do not feel like striking up conversations with friends. Having to constantly engage in lively conversations has become really tiring and draining. Sometimes, I really feel like being alone and just shutting myself away from the rest of the world. And sometimes I just feel that life just goes on and on without a defined purpose. Hmm, I’m hoping this hopefully-transient depression will pass soon.

I got through another test today. It was good. At least, I felt good that I tried my best. The results of a previous test were out and I’m surprised that I did well again. Good job, Rina (pats on my back). There’s three more tests to conquer. And then I think I have about 2 weeks to conquer the exams! And then exams will be over in a short span of 6 days before I can officially declare my holiday. I seriously cannot wait for Bangkok. Ooh, pretty clothing, nice accessories and yummy food await me! SHOPPING:)

And something pretty to end off this post. A pretty little cupcake. It’s made by a friend of Mummy’s who was making these cupcakes for her son’s wedding. It’s pretty but I don’t like the fondant on top of the cupcake. It’s merely sugar and water and colouring. And it’s too sweet for my liking.





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