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67: The Good Old Days

As much as I enjoy frequenting and drooling over works from those modern upmarket bakeries, cakeshops and cafes (think on the lines of Provence Bakery, Patisserie Glace, Bakerzin, Canele and more) and getting tiny doses of their sweet confectionery, there is always a place in my heart for those traditional cakeshops/confectioneries.

One such example is Ng Kim Lee Confectionery (located just opposite Beauty World Centre. The exterior and the interior of the shop looks really traditional and plain, and pales in comparison to the japanese restaurant located next to it. But I like it 🙂 Traditions kept alive. You see the breads and cakes and confectionery you would never see in those upmarket bakeries like Provence. They may not taste exceptional. In fact, most of them are pretty ordinary looking and tasting. But it’s the beauty of simplicity. They just bring back sweet memories from the past. The sweet taste of nostalgia.

They have a lovely fridge full of super yummy cakes! Gone are the plain buttercream cakes of the old days. Instead, they have rows and rows of exotic/modern looking cakes, brownies and cheesecakes. They look aesthetically presentable enough to be served in cafes. I mean, they look amazing! I love their durian cake (it may not be the best durian cake around but the best I’ve eaten so far for  just $1.80 a slice). The many cakes are sold at prices ranging from $1.50 – $3 and not at all expensive for such gorgeous looking beauties. I am going to try some soon 🙂

They have a whole cabinet of adorable little muffins. I believe their muffins were featured on Sunday Times (Lifestyle) before. And many other random stuff I spied, like yummy puffs (I see many people buying their chicken mushroom puffs), tau sa piah, butter/walnut/marble cakes, breads and many many many more. I popped by on a Friday evening and there were so many people in the store (probably people who popped by after having their dinner along the stretch of food stalls opposite Beauty World). The boss and his helper were really busy and they were struggling  to serve the many customers at that time.

This place is a treasure cove, I tell you! 🙂 I’ve fallen in love with this place.


A box full of durian puffs (50cents per puff). Yum:)


Bought the kaya cake for breakfast tomorrow (60cents per slice). Looks very old school and pretty ordinary but I’m pretty sure it’ll taste yummy.


It helps that there are just so many many many good food stores near my place. To name a few, I’m thankful for Ng Kim Lee Confectionery for the simple joys of sweet love. I’m thankful for having a Subway joint and Coffee bean joint just walking distance from my house (so convenient to grab a sandwich or a mocha when I neeed some perking up). I’m thankful for the lovely and cheap scones at Oishii (Beauty World). I’m thankful for the many delicious food at the Bukit Timah Market (my sliced fish bee hoon, satay bee hoon, Mien pasta etc). I’m thankful for the yummy pratas, masala thosai and milo dinosaurs from the Al-Azhar or Al-Ameen opposite Beauty World. 🙂

And did you know there’s a NEW Domino’s Pizza located just 1 unit away from Ng Kim Lee Confectionery? I was pretty excited when I saw it a few weeks ago when I was on my way home. Did I remember correctly but was Domino’s Pizza in Singapore many many years ago (and then they disappeared only to resurface again now)? Or was I hallucinating? Hmm. But I do know Domino’s Pizza. I’ve seen them on films/dramas (US, Korean etc). I got this brochure from a guy who was distributing the brochure just now. That poor guy had to stand there along the pavement to distribute the brochure to random passers-by. It’s going to be ‘plastered’ on my fridge now (in case we do need some pizza delivery and the brochure will come in handy).


Oh yes, on the topic of pizza. I had a quickie lunch today. A store bought (frozen) hawaiian pizza, baked in the oven at 230 degree Celsius for 7 minutes. Not exactly healthy but a really FAST meal since I had to rush off to school for the test this afternoon.


It’s going to be a really busy weekend. It may be Friday but I’m not happy at all. For my test on Monday, the amount we need to get into our brains is crazy! I tried studying and preparing for it a week earlier (that was the best and earliest I could do because I still had a lot of tests back then). I’ve studied through it well once and now, I have forgotten what I have previously studied. At least I am glad that I started a week ago when I learnt that a few of my classmates have not touched their notes once yet. But it’s going to be a busy weekend too with a friend’s birthday party to attend to tomorrow (with many sacrifices made). Still, the next 2 days will be intensive pharmaco. You can do it, Rina 🙂

Plus, I’m really affected by the ‘pain’ and the ‘inflammation’ (it’s a sore bump now!). The aspirins I’m taking are not having an effect (yet! OH NO!) and they are supposed to be anti-inflammatory and analgesic. I’m praying it will be better when I wake up tomorrow!


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