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68: Cinderella?

Since my parents do their weekly grocery shopping on Sunday mornings, I got them to get me some pumpkin for me to cook my lunch (or dinner if needed) this week.

And I was REALLY REALLY surprised when they came home with this.



Such a gorgeous orange beauty. Probably the leftovers from Halloween for those jack-o-lanterns.

Attended a friend’s coming-of-age birthday party last night and I had fun playing “The Game of Life” there. Never knew that it was so fun. Now I feel like getting the “Game of Life” board game. The journey to and fro was painful. I spent my hours travelling  on the bus and train studying my notes. I do enjoy and like what I am studying. But having to remember all the details (and I keep mixing them all up) is really painful.

I’m still trying my best to fit and retain all information into my already saturated brain space and preventing them from diffusing out. The crazy test is on tomorrow. I got to go back to studying now.

Jiayou! I can do it:)




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