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68: The Game of Life

I succumbed to the golden arches today.

I can count the number of times I eat fast food in a year with my two palms. The only fast food I eat are McDonald’s, Burger King and Mos Burger (and maybe Subway, if that is counted as well). When I do eat McDonald’s, it will be my double cheeseburger (or just the cheeseburger). Beef burgers are yummy. I used to eat the fillet ‘o’ fish and McChicken burgers when I was really really young (in primary school) but I realised that I do not like the taste of the other burgers (except cheeseburgers) now. I think I can be rather fussy, so now I will only eat cheeseburgers at McD.

My tastebuds probably changed. I read that our tastebuds do change every 5-7 years and that is probably why we develop new found likings for certain food. Over the past 5 years, I have develop great dislike for fried and unhealthy food and meat (especially pork). My diet these days consist of mostly vegetables, food with less oil and salt, less processed food etc. Trying to keep it healthy:)

Alright, I had a double cheeseburger and a small fries just now for dinner since I was home alone (and left to settle dinner alone). I had a sudden craving for the cheeseburger and fries! I’m feeling a little satisfied now.

Had a really REALLY stressful day today although it was supposed to be the official last day of lectures this semester for me. Put a huge fight for the test this morning and it was not easy! But I’ve tried my best:)

Oh yes, there is a really REALLY nice Kdrama now that is REALLY worth watching. IRIS (on KBS) 아이리스.


I think the music plays a really important role in a drama. The music soundtrack of IRIS is really beautiful. I love all the songs that are being inserted at different parts of the drama. It really complements the flow of the drama well – the action, the romance etc. It’s kind of like “Angels and Demons” at times. But I really like the music! Oh and Baek Ji Young (one of my favourite korean singers) sings the main love theme too. I wonder who the music supervisor is.

The drama is also really nice. The cinematography resembles that of action movies. The story is rather special and different too. It’s really exciting and thrilling. It’s a really high budget drama and they even filmed it in Hungary, Akita (I want to go there!) and Shanghai. Definitely worth watching! And it’s currently receiving really high TV ratings in Korea for that particular timeslot (it’s scaling to around 30% and ranked 1st). It’s coming to KBS WORLD Channel 173 this Wednesday. That’s good! Now Mummy and Daddy can watch it too.

The acting is not bad as well. Lee Byung Hun and Jung Joon Ho are okay although I think LBH can really act (this is my first time watching him act). Kim Tae Hee and Kim So Yeon are really gorgeous. TOP’s role fits him well. (I know that a lot of fangirls are watching because of TOP. I’m a fan of Big Bang too.)

Do watch for the storyline, the action and the music!


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