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70: What’s For Lunch Today?

In the end, I skipped the carbohydrates today. So no more pumpkin and corn porridge.

Instead, it was just roasted pumpkin, steamed corn on the cob and an egg with mushroom omelette. Love the colours! The pumpkin was a very pretty orange and the corn was a bright sunset yellow. Oops I realised that they are all in the orange-yellow colour range with no greenies! It’s okay, I have my greenies for dinner every day. Pardon for the tiny holes in the pumpkin! I was trying to poke the pumpkin through with a fork to test if it was cooked.


I read on someone’s blog that roasted pumpkins were more fibrous than steamed ones. And I realised that after roasting mine. The roasted pumpkin was not as mashy and soft as I have expected. The pumpkin this time round wasn’t as sweet. Perhaps it wasn’t as ripe yet? But it was still yummy, I like the fibrous texture. But I think I will stick to steaming my pumpkin next time. I prefer my pumpkin soft and mashy and sweet.

The corn (on the cob) was gorgeous. I love corn. The natural sweetness of the corn (with no added seasonings and whatsoever) after steaming it for a good 10 minutes was just beautiful.

And for my protein, the egg omelette with sliced fresh button mushrooms was simple and good.

And lunch today made me a happy girl. It’s back to MORE intensive studying now. At least, they made me happy, satisfied and ready to continue for another 7-8 hours more of intensive mugging before I retire for TV tonight at 9 (that is my only motivation today. IRIS is on KBS World at 9pm today!)

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