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71: Life Goes On…

Yes, more pumpkins and carrots. This was one of the dishes for dinner last night, stir fried pumpkins with dried shrimps. It was cooked by Mummy.


And some steamed corn for tea this afternoon.


Bought this box of langue de chat cookies from the supermarket. My parents thought it was rather sweet. I remember trying this before months/years(?) ago and it was quite sweet. But it’s alright since I was craving for something sweet. They have to last for the entire of next week! LIMITATIONS, Limitations, Rina.


Each cookie is individually wrapped! I don’t think the taste of these cookies will beat the Shiroi Koibito 白い恋人 from Hokkaido (OMG I miss that place!). But the 白い恋人cookies are so rare in Singapore and rather expensive. These are cheaper and much more convenient alternatives. Alright, SOMEDAY I AM GOING TO BAKE MY OWN LANGUE DE CHAT COOKIES! Maybe after the exams…


Life goes on as usual. I wake up at 7am in the morning, have my breakfast and read the papers. I’ll start studying by 8am all the way until 12noon and then I’ll start preparing for my lunch. After the lunch break (around 1230 or 1pm), I’ll continue studying until 6 pm. Then I’ll have a break, take a shower, watch some TV (if there are nice programmes on TV) or surf the net. I’ll start studying again at around 8pm and continue until I’ve finished studying what I have allocated for the day.

Life’s kind of monotonous. But it goes on. And to cheer myself (and my pink friend) up, I got Patrick a friend. It’s none other than Spongebob. I mean, they just go together so naturally. Patrick and Spongebob, the pair of really good rather retarded friends. 🙂


Just watched Music Bank on KBS just now. I was really excited for 2PM’s comeback stage and Baek Ji Young’s special stage! The live performance for 2PM was awesome, it blew me away. It was amazing and I could tell that they put in a lot of effort. The song and performance were awesome too! There’s a reason why their fans are still so supportive of them. I’m a fan of theirs too. Amidst all the controversy, I think they did a great job. I know we all miss Jae-Beom but I have great faith that he will return (just as JYP has mentioned on a variety programme) and rejoin 2pm. Read Allkpop’s article here.

And another AWESOME AWESOME performance by Baek Ji Young! She is one of my favourite Kpop singers cause I think she has a great voice. I love her voice and all her songs! She performed on Music Bank today for a special IRIS performance. As you all know, Baek Ji Young sings the main theme for IRIS. That song (잊지말아요 “Don’t Forget) is amazing stuff. She sang it on Music Bank live and it just blew me away (as always). She can really sing live. I’m a fan. A happy fan:)

Here’s Baek Ji Young’s Music Bank performance of 잊지말아요! (:) beams)

And yes, TaeYang (from Big Bang) just released another song off his new album. The long awaited “Wedding Dress”! I was really anticipating the release of this song since I heard the mini preview from his previous MV of “Where U At”. In my opinion, “Wedding Dress” did not disappoint. I thought it was really nice (and catchy) although it sounds a little melancholic as well, but it has a TaeYang vibe to it. I like it 🙂 TaeYang is definitely my favourite member out of Big Bang.

Here’s the MV for TaeYang’s Wedding Dress.


2 responses

  1. Yan yi

    Hi, sorry if this is very random but can i ask you where can i find that Lang De Chat cookies? I’ve been looking for this biscuit for a super long time after my colleague gave 1 to me. He mentioned that he bought it from a foodfair at Takashimaya and its only temporary. So i went to google abt this cookie and chanced upon your blog. Can i please know where did u get them? the cookie is just too delicious and i really want to eat them again! Thank you so much!

    July 15, 2011 at 11:05 pm

    • iamrina

      Hello! I actually see this Langue De Chat cookies being sold at quite a few Cold Storage outlets and even some NTUC Fairprice Finest stores! And I bought mine at Fairprice Finest Bt Timah Plaza though! Hope that helps! Ya it’s quite a lovely cookie!:D Hope you’ll get to find the cookies soon!

      July 17, 2011 at 11:30 am

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