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76: I’m a Survivor

This was my lunch today. Not cooked by me, but by Mummy. Stir-fried bee tai bak (this was how I pronounced since I was young. But I understand that there are many variations. Mee Tai Mak? Mee Tai Bak? Am not sure which is the correct version) with prawns, pork, chye sim, shredded carrots and egg. Hmm, and there’s meat this time round since I’ve been going vegetarian the past few days. I had 3 stir-fried meals for lunch 3 days in a row. I think I need some good old non-greasy food next (that that means some steaming and boiling).

I’m feeling exceptionally low today. The age-old chronic problem is back to haunt me again. I know that I did something to aggravate it. I was all fine then. It’s making me all gloomy again, just like the overcast sky and the rain this afternoon. I’ve survived through many ordeals. I’m sure I’ll survive through this one again. Alhough I’m not pretty sure what the outcome will be, I will stay strong. I believe that time will heal all “wounds”.

And I shall not wallow in self-pity over my trivial issue.


You never really know what comes next. I just learnt that a professor from my school has passed away yesterday evening. It was really sudden. He just collapsed while exercising at the school’s gym. Even after emergency medical resuscitation, he did not make it. I was not taught by him but I felt really really sad even after hearing about the news. Plus, he is really young (30, 40 plus?). He is survived by his wife and 2 children. I’m really hoping that his family will stay strong.

News like these just make me so sad. Plus all the hooha over the Mayan 2012 phenomenon and the movie based on it (2012). What would I do if I have just 24 hours of my life to go and how would I spend it? I have not given a thought to this question before.

I will want to spend it with my family and all my loved ones and to tell them that I love them. I think as Asians, we don’t go around telling our loved ones how much we love them. But maybe it is time to do (before we really do regret it).


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