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78: Meringues and Dumplings

I attempted something which most novice bakers are afraid to try. I made some meringue cookies.I think it’s weird when I have not tried ‘real’ meringue cookies before and here I am trying to make some.

It was an awfully simple recipe. But there is just so much you need to know in order to make the perfect meringue cookies. The three main ingredients in my meringue cookies are egg white, sugar and raisins (you can leave this out or replace it with chocolate chips, nuts etc). This is my first experience at baking meringue cookies and it did not turn out as perfect as it should be. But it was a good first time experience.

They are a little too brown, due to the caramelization of the sugar. I think I baked them for a tiny bit too long. I followed the recipe here and baked them at 105 degree Celsius for 90 minutes. Hmm, I should probably reduce the baking time the next time round though I am not sure if it’ll help. Plus, I thought it was too sweet! I read somewhere that for every egg white used, use 50gm of sugar. The recipe I used called for egg whites: sugar in the ratio 1:2. My egg white weighed around 40gm and so I should use 80gm of sugar. But I took a risk and added in 50gm of sugar instead as I was afraid it will be too sweet. But that 5ogm of sugar was still too sweet! I learnt that you will need the sugar and egg whites in the right proportion as it might actually affect the outcome of the meringue cookies. I haven’t actually tasted one prior to this so I don’t exactly know how a good meringue tastes like. But I supposed meringues are meant to be sweet. Wikipedia mentions that meringues are “very light and airy and extremely sweet”. Hmm, so what should I do now?

But the meringue cookies were a pleasant surprise (other than it being too sweet)! They were very light, airy and crisp. The exterior of the cookies was crisp and the interior was light and chewy. It was like “eating air”. After all, you whip the egg whites into a creamy white foam 4 times its inital volume to introduce all the air into the meringue mixture.

And to end off, this was my lunch today. Store-bought Nyonya Glutinous Rice Dumpling. I had no choice since Mummy bought it yesterday for my lunch today. I used to like this when I was younger. But they are just too filling (with the glutinous rice)!


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