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80: Colours!

I’m back and I’m feeling a teeny bit better now! With 2 papers down and 2 more to go, there’s more reasons to rejoice. And to include some vibrancy into my life, today’s post will be a colourful one.

I think I have mentioned earlier about those old school butter cream cakes that traditional cake shops/bakeries/confectioneries sell. Mummy bought a box of butter cream cakes from the market just this morning and they look so gorgeous, in their bright colours.

If I had to choose, I would definitely pick this cake slice out of them all. I like those alternating strips of red and orange jelly/cream (?). And the cake is green (I am obsessed with all things green).

And this was another of the cake slices decorated with a cherry/strawberry/apple (I think it’s a strawberry). Pretty in pink.

But the HUGE problem is that I’m cutting down on my sugars (refined sugars, sweet desserts, chocolates, sweets, biscuits, cakes, cookies, ice cream etc) so I’ll have to give this cake a go this time round. It’ll find a better owner (a better tummy). Haha:)


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