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85: Bangkok, The Holidays and a January Wedding

This is going to quite a lengthy and image heavy post!

I’m back from a 3D2N free and easy trip to Bangkok and it was quite fun! It was great wandering around Bangkok all by ourselves. The hotel we were staying in was rather convenient and rather accessible to the many shopping malls by foot. Ate some really nice, yummy and rather cheap food in Bangkok too 🙂

Korean pop culture is rather hot in Thailand and most Kpop groups choose Thailand as one of their stopovers when they have their concerts. I caught sight of Nichkhun (of 2PM) on the Tourism Thailand poster since Nichkhun is essentially a Thai.

And recently, 2PM filmed a Thai crackers CF. I caught sight of this advert at Siam Square. 2PM (with Jae-beom!). Hmm, I didn’t manage to capture Chan-sung in this picture since the other glass door refuses to close and we were in a hurry to leave the place.

Had my first lunch at Fuji Japanese Restaurant at Siam Paragon. I had the Sushi Set (170 baht/ SGD 7.10) which was really cheap. It was really good and satisfying. The set came with miso soup and a cold tofu appetizer.

My travel mate/partner had the Fuji bento set (230 baht/SGD 9.60). It came with a little of everything. We think it’s the bento set for the indecisive. It’s for people who cannot decide on what they wish to eat and just want to sample a little of everything.

The next morning, we had a buffet breakfast at the hotel we were staying in. Had really yummy muesli and yoghurt. And this was a picture I captured of what I had for one of the servings. Some greens, a mushroom and cheese egg omelette, waffle with honey and 2 seaweed sushi.

That evening, we had dinner at Platinum Mall food court and I had pad thai (65 baht/ SGD 2.70). It was really really good! I can’t believe that I have not tried pad thai before in Singapore.

My travel partner had crepe with pudding and chocolate ice cream for dessert and it looked good.

We had japanese food for lunch the next day too. We ate at Tagoto Japanese Restaurant in MBK. The food was slightly pricier but it was still rather delicious. I had the bana sushi set (210 baht/ SGD 8.80) and it consisted of udon soup, a bowl of different varieties of sashimi and rice, cold tofu appetizer and pickles.

My partner had the nabe set (260 baht/ SGD 10.90) and it consisted of nabe (hot steampot with veggies and fish), noodles and some sushi.


The sets came with either coffee or vanilla ice-cream. And we chose vanilla ice-cream. The vanilla ice-cream was yummy too! It didn’t taste like those generic supermarket vanilla ice-cream. It was really refreshing on such a hot day. We thought it was nice!

And we had this thai snack at MBK. I remember eating this when I visited Bangkok 10 years ago. This is the crispy crepe with sweet cream and coconut golden thread. My partner who tried this thought that the sweet cream was really sweet. I had the one with coconut golden thread and raisins. It was nice. But do try the crispy crepe with just the grated coconut and coconut golden thread. These crepes are a mere 10baht/ SGD 0.40.

My friend bought this to share. Lay’s cheese and onion potato chips. The chips are not too bad. They have ruffles! I like ruffled chips.

And this was the low fat drinking yoghurt I bought with the last of my coins (10baht) at the airport before the flight home to Singapore.

Bangkok can be fun, if you have great company. Plus it is really easy to get around. They have the airport express bus located at the Bangkok Int’l Airport. You just have to tell the people at the Airport Express Bus booth where you are planning to go and they will inform you of the bus to take and the stop to alight. The tickets are 150baht/ SGD 6.30.

And the hotel I’m staying in (Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square) is really really convenient. The Siam BTS (kind of like our MRT train) station is just located in front of the hotel. And the malls (Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, MBK, Central World, Platinum Mall) are easily accessible via the skywalk (the bridges) that connect the different malls and BTS stations. With a map (easily available at the airport for free!), one can get around the city central of Bangkok with great ease.

The shopping was okay. The clothes were cheap! Over at Platinum Mall, they cater for wholesale and we have to get 2 or 3 pieces or more to get the special rate. But I didn’t manage to buy many for myself. I wonder why though. I bought quite a few at Siam Square though. Siam Square consists of many tiny shops and it’s a congregation of different local thai designers. The clothes there are only available in limited quantity and were not very expensive too (plus I don’t have to purchase more than 3 per shop). I bought quite a few for my sister too. And I like the night markets! They sell really unique trinkets and clothes. And really delicious looking street food (although I didn’t dare to try any).

And I do agree that Bangkok comes to life at night. The night markets are definitely a unique feature. Plus, the festive mood (the Christmas-y mood) was definitely present all around the city central of Bangkok.

Hmm, but do book your air tickets early if you do want them cheaper! I travelled by JetStar Light and it was quite a pleasant journey.

Anyway, I spent the afternoon today over at a bridal shop with my uncle and aunt (to-be), together with my grandparents, aunt, cousins, mum and sister. My uncle’s bridal package consisted of 2 dresses (supposedly for the bridesmaids) and he wanted me and my sister to choose a dress each to wear for his wedding dinner. I chose a simple ivory knee-length tube dress that I thought was really sweet. Since everyone agreed that it suits me and the dress was quite sweet, I decided that that would the dress I’ll be wearing for the wedding. My sister chose a purple dress since she prefers darker colours (as apparently, dresses in darker tones made one look slimmer?). I really like the dress I picked! I will definitely upload an image of the dress I’ll be wearing for my uncle’s wedding in January!:)

I’m being all dreamy again. All this talk about marriage and wedding just makes me want to find my Mr Right, date for a few years and settle down thereafter. And before that, the perfect proposal and the perfect wedding. And after marriage, having a close-knit family with a doting husband and adorable kids! Blissful:)

Hmm, maybe 10 years down the road. I’ll be there. For now, I’m too busy with my studies. 🙂


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