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89: And I Couldn’t…

Keep my promise.

I had wanted to bake my dark chip macadamia cookies and cook the wholemeal pasta yesterday but Mummy has stopped her work as of yesterday. So she will be at home all day long and we wouldn’t have the freedom and the whole house to ourselves. And that means, no more messing around with the kitchen. I could still do so but Mummy will be constantly nagging by my side or be around inspecting our every moves (so it’s going to be a little disturbing).

I’ll definitely find some time to do so. Perhaps sneak in while she’s away.

Anyway, I saw my doctor yesterday for a follow-up checkup on the chronic problem of mine. I’m really really so glad that it’s improving although I do know that the treatment takes time. So I got to be patient. The doctor was really really nice yesterday. The first time I saw the same doctor, I thought the atmosphere was a little strange. But yesterday’s session was kind of like a chit-chat and feedback session to the doctor on the medications I’ve used. I’ve got the full course of my medications yesterday. So I’ve got to put my trust in the doctor and be patient. 🙂

I can’t stand a post without any colours and images. So here’s corn in a cup. It was a lunch-snack I prepared this Monday. Just steamed corn kernels with no butter and no salt. Just purely steamed corn. It was sweet:) I think the butter and corn (if you do purchase corn in a cup outside) destroys the natural and pure sweetness of the corn.

And here’s Baci Perugina chocolates. If I’m not wrong, you don’t find them everywhere on normal days. Since it’s nearing Christmas, the supermarket chains tend to bring in huge amounts of different imported chocolates. Baci Perugina is one of them. It’s a dark chocolate with hazelnuts in it. It’s kind of like Ferrero Rocher but I like Baci better. Baci means “kisses” in Italian. In each Baci itself, there is an enclosed love quote. I thought it was quite cute. My sis was practically stealing my chocolates out of the canister. Yummy:) I think I’ll get another canister when this is empty.

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