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90: The Last of IRIS (아이리스)

I am going to miss watching IRIS (아이리스) terribly. KBS broadcasted the last episode of IRIS just last night and I am reluctant to watch it. I want to know the ending of IRIS so badly (although I do know that it wouldn’t be good and would probably end off with LBH being killed off) but at the same time, I don’t want it to end so quickly.

IRIS (아이리스) is a really really really good drama. It’s definitely the KOREAN DRAMA OF THE YEAR 2009!

This time round, I really got my parents hooked on it! It’s so amazing. It’s so rare to see my dad being hooked on korean dramas (his first being Dae Jang Geum). I think this is the second. As for my mum, she had watched the first few episodes of IRIS and was really bored by it (she wasn’t into the action genre). But as the episodes progressed (and seeing my dad addicted to it), she gave IRIS another chance and then, there was no return. Currently, the craze in my whole family is IRIS (아이리스). Cool right?:)

The storyline is really good and each episode ALWAYS ends with a cliffhanger (and always makes you want to continue watching). The acting is good too. 🙂

I will miss waiting to watch the episodes the day after KBS in Korea has broadcasted them. These 10 weeks have been short but exciting ones.

I’ve IRIS Episode 2o loaded now. Alright, I’m about to take to plunge to complete the whole series now.


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