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93: I Dread Being Sick

I don’t like the feeling of being sick. I was supposed to take the medicine after my meals. But clever me took the morning medicine right after the cup of juice Daddy made for me this morning. Then, I had a really really heavy breakfast (which I shouldn’t have and totally regret now) after that. But since I have been taking the medicine properly for the past 2 weeks, I thought I would be fine. But I was wrong.

I started feeling really really really nauseous half an hour after the really heavy breakfast. It was really bad. Plus, the bumpy car ride home aggravated the problem! I felt so nauseous. I wanted to vomit out everything that I’ve taken in the morning but I wasn’t able to do so. The tightness in my chest and the nauseous feeling I get were just making me all weak.

So I sat still on my bed trying to calm myself down. I just sat there staring at the walls in front of me. After about an hour, I was feeling much better. Gone were the tightness in my chest area and the nauseous feeling! But the past 2 hours or so had been nightmarish for me!

Lesson to be learnt: Always follow the doctor’s instructions. 🙂


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