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99: Homecooked

I’m feeling depressed again. I have to keep reminding myself that I have 7 more weeks to go and I cannot give up.

The family, together with the aunt and the cousins went out for dinner at the nearby food centre. I decided that I wanted to stay home to cook my own dinner. The weekend usually consists of outside food as it is Mummy’s break from the kitchen. And today, I did not want to consume those hawker food laden with salt, oil, MSG and more. So I decided to cook some healthy comfort food (veggies veggies!).

And that means my macaroni in chicken soup. It brings back lovely memories. Back when I was in childcare, I remembered that the auntie would often cook macaroni soup with mixed vegetables for our lunch. And when we were in primary school, Mummy would cook macaroni soup for our lunch too. But as the years pass, the familiar macaroni soup gradually disappears from our lives.

My macaroni soup is essentially ‘vegetarian’ (although it’s in chicken soup). I added in chye sim, button mushrooms, steamed corn and zucchini. I love my vegetables. I love my mushrooms too. The steamed corn was really sweet (we bought it just today at the supermarket). And the zucchini was delicious.

And to end off the really delicious and comforting dinner, some fruits! and vitamins! 1 naval orange and a slice of Australian mango.

Yummy:) I think it did make me a little happier. Cheers!


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