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101: There’s more to life than this!

I have enough of those mean thoughts that pulse through my mind. They only make me feel much worse than ever. I have to rid them out of my life forever. There is much more to life than this. At this rate, I think I might end up emotionally unstable. It’s hard having to be me sometimes. I have to snap out of my depressive state fast!

There are better things in life that are worth treasuring. The fact that I am here alive, breathing and healthy is a good enough reason to be glad about. The fact that I have my family, a nice pleasant home to live in and the three important meals (and sometimes, even more) are reasons for me to feel fortunate and happy. Watching the “Life Transformers 2” on Channel 8 on Monday nights just makes me feel so ashamed of myself. Singapore may be such a well developed country but there are still some (the poor) who are living in conditions so bad, conditions we wouldn’t wish to live in for longer than a second. It is good that this programme exposes the life of the poor in Singapore (if not, we weren’t have known). There are many others out there and I hope to be able to help them someday (in my own way) when I am more able.  For now, I’m terribly ashamed of myself. Of the way I’ve lived my life the past 21 years. And the way to go from now is to be eternally grateful for and contented with the life I have now.


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