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102: Ma Maison Restaurant

Yes, I have finally visited Ma Maison at Bugis! I’ve been wanting to visit this lovely restaurant after reading many food blogs and their raving reviews about the food and the ambience there. I met up with a few close friends for dinner just today and it sure did not disappoint. We had made a reservation beforehand and hence, entering the restaurant (there was a snaking queue outside) was a breeze.

The moment you enter the restaurant, it is as if you have stepped into a quaint and quiet cottage in the European countryside. The decor of the restaurant is really country and the furnishings are primarily made of wood (wooden window frames, wooden tables and chairs, wooden sidepieces, wooden cupboards, wooden built-in shelves etc). Really rustic! You know how much I love wood! My house is also pretty country too, cause my parents love wood! So everywhere is woody too. Back to Ma Maison, the little ornaments, accessories, pictures and decorations that are found in every conspicuous corner of the rather small restaurant are so aptly placed and go really really well with the overall furnishings of the entire restaurant. I really like the ambience there.

This was the lovely lamp that lit our table. So pretty, I want to carry home one of these.

And this was the lovely sugar pot that’s found on every table. And I think one can take a peek of the surroundings (although it is pretty dark). It’s really dim but it’s cosy and pretty.

And I really like the tablecloth! I love vintage flower prints. And this was the menu book. Rustic and classic. Me like:)

And how could you forget about the food? This was my Beef Stroganoff and Butter Rice (SGD14.80). I love this! I was reading many many online reviews and many recommended this dish. This was also one of the recommended items on the menu. The brown sauce used was really yummy and appetizing. The beef stroganoff came with tender chunks of beef, mushrooms and onions. The omelette on the rice looks really yummy right? It definitely was. Fluffy and tasty. But I felt the butter rice was not fragrant and “buttery” enough. But it was nonetheless, a good serving of rice (not exceptionally good but definitely better than average). The serving/quantity was perfect. I am one who does not eat much rice (my family of 4 only eats about 1/2 cup of brown and unpolished red rice for dinner daily). But I polished the entire plate of Beef Stroganoff and Butter Rice (rice included)! Or perhaps, I was just hungry (since I had a light lunch).

This was one of my friend’s sizzling hamburg steak (SGD18.20). It looked terribly good! The staff serving her did a little “performance” before that. He poured some liquid (I believed it’s wine. Red wine?) onto the plate and lit it up. The steak immediately erupted in flames for a mere few seconds or so. Pretty:) I am going to try their hamburg steak the next time round since it’s one of their famed dishes too.

This was another of my friend’s baked fish (I believe). It came with a slice of camembert cheese too. And it looks good too. I think everything looks good:)

And we ended off with some desserts. The cakes looked really pretty in the glass showcase but I wouldn’t be able to finish off another slice of cake. So we settled for ice-cream. I had a single scoop of vanilla ice-cream. I had expected some premium japanese vanilla ice-cream but it tasted like those generic supermarket (King’s, Wall’s etc) ice-cream. I wouldn’t recommend one to order the normal ice-cream. Maybe one should try the matcha (green tea) or the goma (black sesame) ice cream instead. Or the cakes. I think the brownie with ice-cream is one of the recommended items on the menu.

I must commend on their service! The waitstaff is really attentive. The japanese manager (the guy in long sleeves and a tie) even served us ice water a few times. I found him really pleasant and polite. He was always with a smile and was really courteous and polite. Plus his command of English is really good. I kind of like the way Japanese speak English, I think it’s rather cute. The other waitstaff were also really polite and patient. They were really patient and even took the effort to explain to us the uses of the different condiments (i.e. for my friend’s tonkatsu set). They were also really attentive and alert, refilling our ice water when they saw that our glasses were almost half-filled. The lady at the cashier was also really friendly and polite. The waitstaff at Ma Maison definitely made our day and our meal here a really lovely one!

And yes, this was the brass key that we have to present to the cashier to pay up before we leave. It has our table number on it. Pretty:)

I think my dining experience at Ma Maison is definitely one I will remember for life. It did make my day since I was all depressed the past few weeks. And I believe, this will DEFINITELY NOT BE THE LAST TIME I will be dining at Ma Maison. I WILL BE BACK:) For sure. And Monday is Ladies’ Night so ladies get to enjoy 20% off the menu! We’ll see, it’s too good a deal to miss, ya?


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