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105: “Oat” to the New Year!

And so we usher in the new year, 2010! I never liked making new year resolutions. And it is not because I don’t keep them. But rather, I believe that I’m doing pretty fine so far. And if I just continue how I lead my life thus far, life will be good. Academic wise, I have always been working hard towards my goals. I have been dilligently studying and doing my best in whatever I do since the very first day I stepped into primary school. Health wise, I have been watching my diet (not for the primary reason to lose weight but rather to stay healthy). I’m pretty fine where I am (weight wise) so it’s more important to eat right and eat well. And I stay away from unhealthy stuff and focus on wholesome eating (eating well, eating right and eating a balanced meal). Relationships wise, I have been doing pretty well thus far too, managing both family relations and friendships. As for romantic ones, I figure I wouldn’t have the time and maturity to maintain one. And for personal development, I have been exploring a lot these days with the pots and the pans. I enjoy cooking or baking and 2010 definitely means more of these (hopefully). And I believe that we mature as we age. It has been my eternal goal to be a better person (and this needs no new year reminder for that). So for 2010, I would choose to live my life the way it has been for the past many months and years. I will continue doing the things I love and trying my best in everything I do:)

Plus, I got to mention this! I was reading the papers today (Sunday Times) and I came across Dr Lee Wei Ling’s weekly commentary. She mentioned that she has no habit of making new year resolutions.  It is so that whenever we find that our mannerism, our behaviour or our character is no longer honourable and that we need to mend our ways, we have to do it there and then. There is no need to wait for the new year to do so and to set new resolutions to do so. That was exactly what I thought of then when a few humans asked me what my new year’s resolution was this year! How true indeed:)

And something really alarming, it suddenly struck me that I will be 22 in three and a half months’ time! This is depressing! Oh no! I shall not think about it.

And for today, tis’ the post of “oaty” goodness! I bought these 2 Lyme Regis Fruitus bars from Cold Storage to try since there were on offer (SGD1.35 per bar). I got the moist organic pomegranate, blueberry and oat bar since this was the most interesting flavour out of the rest (apple, apricot and some mixed berry).

Looks pretty promising and good too. I like that the ingredients list is short. This bar is a product of UK too.

The label reads:

Ingredients: Fruit 51% (Sultanas*, Raisins*, Pomegranate Juice Concentrate* 2%, Blueberry Juice Concentrate* 2%, Apple Juice Concentrate* 1%), Oats, Sunflower Oil

*Organically grown and processed

Contains only naturally occurring sugars.

And the bar unveiled. It’s a deep dark purplish brown bar. It’s moist. I can taste the blueberries and it is not sweet at all (there was a natural sweetness that came with it, not too sweet. In fact, a little sour). Yummy:)

And this was one of the reasons why I bid farewell to the Uncle Toby’s, Quaker (etc) bars a few years ago! They were way too sweet and very artificially flavoured! But good stuff does not come cheap. If you do have the money to spare, these Fruitus bars are a good option. But if not, Carman (an Aussie brand) has really delicious muesli bars too (it’s a tiny bit cheaper but still not at all cheap). I love Carman bars because they are not sweet, their ingredients list is short, they do not contain artificial flavours or weird stuff in there and they are just so good (the oats, the seeds, the nuts and the fruits!).

And yes, I am happy! I bought a new bag of traditional rolled oats, a bag of organic raw wheatgerm and a bottle of Nuzeabee Wild Organic Honey. I love the texture and colour of the honey, it’s rich and creamy. And I will elaborate more on the GOODNESS of wheatgerm soon! And according to Mayo Clinic, wheatgerm is one of the ten great health food for eating well! So, it’s granola time.

Baked my second slightly larger batch of granola. Daddy was so impressed and he wanted me to bake more next time so he could have them for breakfast too. My daddy is a morning muesli person. I’ll gladly do it. Yay:) This is it. This time round, they were not as brown and crunchy/crispy as they were in the previous batch (cause’ I was afraid of burning the oats so I baked them for a shorter duration). But Daddy thought they were okay, the crunch and the texture was just right for him. Good:)

Here’s to many wholesome breakfasts ahead! This is my granola, with wholegrain rolled oats, wheatgerm (REALLY NUTRITIOUS!), pumpkin seeds, cranberries and raisins.


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