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107: Udon and Toasted Wheat Germ

Cooked lunch today for sis since Mummy went out for lunch with her friends. And together with the rest of the kids (primary, secondary, JC) in Singapore, sis begins her first day of her second semester of school today. And I know she must be “hating” me now since I only begin school next Monday. Oh wells, I have only 1 week of my jolly holis left! NOOO! I don’t want to step into school. I haven’t stepped into school since exams ended and holis started (5 weeks ago). I’m going to be “homesick” next week.

Anyway, this was the lunch I cooked today. Udon (in its simplest form, kake udon) with pork collar shabu shabu, chye sim, enoki and fresh shitake mushrooms. The broth is really simple, just dashi stock, mirin and soy sauce. It was yummy:) I like the fat chewy udon noodles. And for some protein, there was the thinly sliced pork collar shabu shabu (I like!). And some fresh chye sim and mushrooms!

After the lengthy post on the goodness of wheat germ, I decided to toast a small container of my raw wheat germ to add into my yoghurts, cereals, oatmeals and more. And I secretly added in a whole bunch into Daddy’s container of muesli cereal. Wheat germ is good and I wanted Daddy to have some of its goodness too. I am sure he wouldn’t mind:)


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