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108: A Day With the “New” Family

It’s the uncle’s wedding this Sunday and my aunt-to-be and uncle have been really busy with the wedding preparations. We spent the entire day yesterday tagging along and helping out with some of the preparations. I think the chinese have a wedding custom called an chuang when they set up the new bed (for the couple). It was the an chuang day yesterday and I think a kid (usually a boy) will have to jump on the bed. Since most of my cousins are all grown up (secondary school and beyond, with me being the eldest of them all), they got my tiniest cousin, C to do the jumping yesterday. C is only one and a half years old and we see every her almost every weekend. She is really adorable but can be really naughty at times. But she was really well-behaved yesterday and I had quite a time playing and caring for her. I like little girls:)

Oh and we had lunch at Men-Ichi Ramen at Jurong Point for lunch yesterday. It was a treat from the uncle and aunt-to-be since my entire family has been helping out with his wedding. I had the quite basic Tokyo Ramen (SGD9.90) and it was in a shoyu broth, with beansprouts, a slice of “fatty” meat, half a soft-boiled egg and a slice of seaweed. It was alright, not really fantastic. The food was quite edible, with the price paid.

Uncle had the set, I took a picture of his char siew kimchi ramen. Looks interesting. As for the rest, I didn’t manage to capture any nice photos of the ramen they were eating.

I was supposed to cut my hair over at Jurong Point but the stylist who cut for me the previous time was on leave. So this other guy came to help me. He was not too nice, a huge contrast from the previous stylist. He suggested I “straighten” my hair with some technique (cannot remember the name) since my hair has natural curls and is rather thick. And the entire process will take 2+ hours and costs around SGD189! It was really expensive (considering my hair is not that long). Since we were in a rush (my mum and my aunt-to-be have a manicure and pedicure appointment at 3pm at WM), we decided not to cut and left the salon. Hmm, I think it was rather expensive since the salon itself is quite a “branded” one. Anyway, I will be going to another salon (the previous one I always frequent) later. I might be doing soft rebonding (what is that!) since I really think I need to do something to those natural curls in my hair to make it more manageable.

Oh so we did some shopping around, helping the couple buy stuff for their new home. Proceeded to WM where the mum and the aunt-to-be did their nails. The uncle and I decided to go watch a movie while waiting for them. It was really random and impromptu. Since Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 was the only show for the timeslot, we decided to watch that.

I thought it was rather typical. Hiccups, bad guy appears/reappears, good guy fights with bad guy, good guy defeats bad guy, happy ending. There were funny moments. The uncle liked the show (which was really surprising) and he thought it was funny. I did not watch the first instalment but I could understand it fairly well. Oh, the only thing memorable was Theodore. I like Theodore! I remember watching Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoon on TV when I was younger. Theodore is so cute and he’s so fat (as compared to the rest). He reminds me of Jub Jub, my beloved hamster.

Oh the aunt-to-be did some 3D nail art. It was quite cool but really expensive (they paid SGD160 for the manicure, pedicure and the nail art itself).

Proceeded for dinner with Daddy and sis at BW thereafter. Uncle and aunt-to-be wanted to choose a clock that chimes (or a cuckoo clock) for some fengshui reasons. There is this clock store which my parents always frequent. I think the guy has been working there for 20 over years (or even more). I got my watch repaired there too. Dad likes going there cause the guy is really honest and friendly. In the end, they chose a really nice looking japanese-made solid wood mini grandfather’s clock, with a Westminister chime. The price is really reasonable as well:)

And so concludes a day with the “new” family. Quite fun:) Alrights, got to do something to my hair later and then, meet up with some good friends. I cannot wait! I have not seen two of them for some time! E has just gotten back from her exchange for one semester from HK. And C is back for her holidays since she’s studying over in Melbourne:)

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