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114: Dinner with the Family

I guess the reality hasn’t set in yet. School was still okay. I wasn’t exactly dreading it (yet). I was glad to see some of my good friends in school. As for the rest, I wished I could be just a little less sociable. Tomorrow, it’s 6 hours of lecture straight since my elective hasn’t started class yet. I’m looking forward to Wednesday when I don’t have classes since it’s only the first week of school.

After school, the uncle called the mum and they decided to have dinner with some of the family. And that includes my grandparents, my uncle and aunt (the newlyweds), my parents, my aunt J and my 2 cousins. We went down to Chong Pang (in Yishun, where my new aunt stayed at before the wedding) to have dinner at this thai-chinese zhi char restaurant. The place was fully air-conditioned and was rather crowded at dinner time. The food there was pretty okay and it was rather cheap too. They do “round downs” for the bill too. Our dinner costs $52 but we were only to pay $50 for it.

We had their signature fish. It was a fried fish with a spicy (chilli?) sauce. I think it’s the sauce that makes this dish special. On normal days, I don’t eat my fish fried (mostly steamed). So it’s alright to have it once in a while.

This was the braised egg tofu with prawns and mixed vegetables (mushrooms, capsicum, carrots, onions, baby corn etc). I really love tofu, especially egg tofu. Tofu is one of my favourite dishes:)

This was the stir-fried sambal sweet potato leaves, a vegetable dish we would often order when we go for zhi char.

And this was the thai pineapple fried rice. It was pretty alright but there wasn’t any pineapple taste to it. Plus the rice seemed rather barren, with tiny bits of pineapple and chinese sausage, and topped with pork floss.

We had 2 other soups. I believe we had the tom yam soup and the fish maw soup.

On the overall, it was a cheap and good dinner. I am not too picky or fussy with my food either, I eat everything in moderation. It was just great having a meal together on a weekday with the grandparents, the uncle & aunt, aunt J and my cousins, since mum would usually cook her healthy spread for weekday dinners! I guess today’s quite a special day since everyone is on leave a day after the wedding. And the uncle and aunt (the newlyweds) are off for their honeymoon tomorrow. They are going to Phuket for a short trip, followed by Turkey and Egypt. How cool is that! I want to fly off for a holiday too! But I’m stuck in school, with a horrid new semester. 😦

Bei Sheng Seafood Restaurant

701A Yishun Avenue 5


Singapore 761701

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  1. One word : YUMMIE!

    Maybe that isn’t actually a word ? Oh well, I meant with all my hart! 🙂

    January 11, 2010 at 10:05 pm

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