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115: The Simple Life

I had the day off from school today. Or rather, this should probably the only free day I have in many weeks to come. I spent the morning and early afternoon reading and studying through my lecture notes and readings. And then, I spent the rest of the afternoon at the computer, catching up on episodes of “House” before taking a tiny nap for half an hour.

I am going to miss my life. The simple life. Because things are going to go downhill from here on! I am in my sixth semester in university (Seriously, I wondered how I’ve survived thus far)! After this semester, there is going to be the dreaded internship during the summer holidays. And then, next year will be my final year in uni. And final year means FYP and the impending doom of entering the workforce (with the many interviews that one has to ace to get the ideal job). And after graduation, there is the year-long pre-registration training before the national competency exam that one has to ace to obtain the official license to practise in Singapore. I am really not looking forward to this exciting life of mine. I will need to learn to manage all the stress and the pressure well or I’m pretty sure I will break down soon (haha).

Alright, I shall not think too much about it and live my life happily:) This is tonight’s dinner. I’m really glad that we’re not having the steamed brown and red rice today. It’s really rare but we’re having sweet potato porridge today for dinner (Yay!).

There’s bittergourd with egg today. Yummy:)

I think this is a mixed vegetable dish, with chinese cabbage, black fungus, dried shrimps and chinese glass noodles.

And this is the steamed red garoupa fillet with ginger, tomato and spring onions.

Tomorrow’s class is at 2pm. I’m thinking of making some healthy miniature crustless quiche for lunch tomorrow!:) Till then, tata!


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