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116: Busy Lazy Me

I can forsee that for the next few posts, I am probably going to whine about the undesirable effects that school have on me. School is getting busy, busy and busy. With lab sessions commencing next week, more readings and lectures (and stuff to be learnt) and the new baby I just acquired from the school’s bookstore (my SGD133 20, 2559 pages hardcover textbook), I am going to get really really busy.

And something I will and must do: Consistent studying:) I will try to read up after every lecture, read up on practicals and lab. Consistency is the way to go.

And with so much things to do on hand, I had the lazy and easy way out for lunch. I had originally wanted to make mini crustless quiches for lunch but that will have to wait. This was what I had for lunch before I popped by school for my lecture.

Chicken soba soup with Australian butternut squash (or butternut pumpkin), lettuce, (1 packet of korean) enoki mushrooms and 2 (really fresh and juicy!) prawns! And I had a navel orange too! A balanced meal?


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