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118: Memories

I woke up this morning, had my cranberry scone for breakfast and proceeded to turn on the notebook on my table.

It was then that I remembered. I remembered that 4-5 years ago, when I was back in junior college, I would often sneak into the amphitheatre/one of the lecture theatres early in the morning (way before the flag raising ceremony) to play the piano there.

I would often be in school really early and I did not want to join the rest of my classmates at the class bench (for fear that their presence might just spoil the beautiful morning).

Since the security guards would often unlock the doors to the classrooms and lecture halls by the time I reached school, I would often be able to sneak into one of the halls to play the piano. And sometimes, when I was slightly later, the piano would be “taken” by another fellow schoolmate (probably someone like me too).

But as the stress and the pressure set in, and with the impending arrival of the big As, I ended up at one of the wooden benches on the uppermost floor of the school building (overlooking the parade square where the flag raising ceremony would be organized) on early weekday mornings, studying (of course). It was a really good view, I could see all the tiny people from above. For a moment, I felt like Hooper (from “I’m the King of the Castle”).

Hmm, I thought this memory was really random. To me, the two years in junior college were hell. I disliked school a lot back then because all I could remember doing was studying. But I’m glad for a few nice classmates, we weren’t exactly the most popular group but all I could say that we were definitely more mature (in thinking) than the rest of the people around us. Hmm, and I totally forgot about this “morning” memory of mine.


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