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120: Bread!

I have a favourite local bakery. And that familiar little shop with the iconic four leaves clover logo is practically found in almost every heartland shopping mall in Singapore. Those outlets located in the city area have different names, like Epid’or (Raffles City) or even, St. Leaven (Takashimaya). And yes, I am talking about Four Leaves, my favourite local bakery.

The iconic green plastic bag with the four leaves clover logo. And yes, green happens to be my favourite colour and I love clovers (since they are usually related to St. Patrick’s Day, a really special day for me). And did I mention that I have a green clovers Rootote bag too?

I would often stop by Four Leaves should I be at a shopping mall with an outlet in it to buy some of their lovely breads to chew/munch on. And today, I dropped by a nearby heartland mall after school to buy some of their mini breads (they were 65cents/each, SGD1.8 for 3 and SGD2.8 for 5)

This lovely little creature is the mini milo bun, it has a milo filling with a custard-like consistency and a cute and sticky milo cap.

Next up, this is a chocolate sand (sandwich?) bun. There’s chocolate covering on both ends of the bread, the bread itself has chocolate layers and it has a cookies-n-cream like filling.

This is like the mini version of those “papa roti” bread (Did you know they have Papa Roti outlets in Seoul? How cool is that!). This is the mocha raisin bun.

And this is one of the most basic and simplest bun around. The japanese an pan (red bean) bun. I like red bean buns a lot:)

And now for something savoury, this is the mini tuna bun. There are tiny blobs of cheese on top. The tuna filling is not bad, it is slightly peppery and there are lovely onions to go with the tuna.

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