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121: Weekends, here I come!

I’m looking forward to the weekends! It’s Friday tomorrow, so it’s TGIF. But I will have to go down to school on Saturday morning too for a briefing. Hmm, but I’m glad that it’ll only be for an hour. And I’ve my korean class tomorrow. I’m hoping it’ll be fun tomorrow:)

Sis bought a bag of japanese sweets, known as manju from Meidi-ya just the other day. They are essentially made from flour, rice powder and buckwheat and have a filling of red bean paste, green tea paste, chestnut and many more. They are like tiny cakes with fillings. But are terribly sweet! The japanese are known for their sweet tooth, since they love their cakes and pastries (with the many patisseries and pastries being sold at the basement food halls of japanese departmental stores).

This are 3 of the manju that I tried. This was the manju with the chestnut filling. I like the packaging! So pretty:)

This was the manju with milk filling.

And this was the manju with green tea filling.

And this was the lunch I cooked this afternoon before I left for school. Another really simple and lazy lunch. This was macaroni soup with chicken, fresh shitake and enoki mushrooms and wong bok cabbage.

Oh, I just watched the movie Sherlock Holmes! And I’m recommending it to everyone! I was really impressed by the film and I really liked it a lot. Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law were both perfect as their characters (as Holmes and Watson respectively). And something I’ve got to mention is the amazing amazing soundtrack! The soundtrack is by Hans Zimmer, a really really amazing composer. I like his works from Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons too!

The main theme features a broken piano sound. So unique and mysterious sounding. I like:) You can read the article about the inspiration and “hardwork” behind the whole soundtrack here.

Love the soundtrack. Here’s one of the tracks from it.


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