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122: Green Tea Bliss!

I bought a small tub/pint of Haagen Dazs Green Tea ice cream and I’m loving it! I should have discovered this earlier! But it’s never too late. The ice-cream has a really nice matcha taste and it’s really creamy and rich. And it has a lovely bitter green tea aftertaste. In my opinion, it is rather comparable to those green tea ice cream from japanese restaurants or those I’ve tried in Japan (Tokyo and Hokkaido). But the price is just a little on the high side. This pint of ice cream costs SGD14. I do know that Udders sells green tea ice-cream too and it’s considered a classic flavour, so one pint should cost around SGD8.90. It’s a lot cheaper than the Haagen Dazs green tea ice cream! I think I might drop by the Lorong Kilat branch after school to get one pint to try!

Ingredients list looks pretty short and basic. And it’s from France:)

Ingredients: Cream, Skimmed Milk, Sugar, Pasteurized Egg Yolk, Green Tea Powder

Country of Origin: France

And one should eat this with moderation! I’m having 1-1.5 tablespoonful of green tea ice cream a day when I have some ice cream cravings. Half a cup of this green tea ice cream is around 250kcal.

Love the green green green green tea! My favourite colour is green and the green of this ice-cream happens to be one of my favourite shades of green!


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