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125: 짠요!

Haha I know it’s lame! 짠요 means “it’s salty” in korean. But it sounds so much like “jiayou” (or literally translated to “add oil”)! I am loving my korean classes so far! Having a really fun loving, enthusiastic and bubbly korean 선생님/teacher really makes korean classes great fun to attend! So far everything is going pretty well and I’m coping well with korean (since I have do have some really basic knowledge I learnt from dramas, songs and online resources).

Anyway, I had a really crazy day during lab today! It was just a mad mad mad rush. After the two main preparations, there were still the worksheets and the labels to print out. Plus, the Rx roleplay, the associated Rx register, the worksheet, the labels… Really crazy! I managed to finish and wash up everything on time (which was good since there were still many people rushing to finish their work). But I had a tension headache right after the mad hectic rush.

Anyway, my aunt (who just married my uncle more than 2 weeks ago) is 2 weeks pregnant. This is really good news since I know that my uncle has been dreaming of being a father for the longest time. I’m hoping that all will be well! So far, only Aunt J and our family knows of this good news. Due to some undisclosed personal reason, we got to wait for her pregnancy to stabilise first. And perhaps by the end of the first trimester and when all is well, that will probably be the right time to inform the others (including my grandparents!) of the news.

It’s Thursday tomorrow. There’s another lab tomorrow morning and a lecture in the afternoon, followed by korean tutorial. I think lab sessions this semester are draining away all my energy. I feel so tired and so lethargic after every lab session. And it does not help that I have 3 labs/week this semester (usually we’ll have at most 2 labs/week).

I prepared another bento. Introducing to the world (again), Rina’s Second Bento!

I’m so addicted to making lunchboxes. There’s lab tomorrow again and the canteen is doomed to be all crowded again tomorrow. So the bento to the rescue! I love all the colours in my second bento too! It’s all vegetarian this time round!

And from the left in an anti-clockwise manner. There’s the red and brown rice with barley, millets and kidney beans, steamed broccoli and shitake mushrooms, (hidden) stir-fried beansprouts with garlic, steamed butternut pumpkin, steamed corn, 2 slices of pan-fried egg tofu. And in the centre, there’s half a tomato (sliced).

Love the colours again!


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