really random posts about food, eating well and healthy, my life, chocolates and dramas!

126: 과자!

과자 – cookie

Yes, today it’s going to be a post of sweet little goodies! I was feeling hungry by 330pm and I decided to grab a cookie from Spinelli before the 4pm lecture.  Spinelli never disappoints! I love their ham and cheese breakfast roll/sandwich and their mexican wedding and oxford ginger cookies! And this was the second time I’m trying the oatmeal raisin cookie and I found it much yummier than the “predecessor” cookie I ate many semesters ago.

The cookie was lovely! It had a lovely crunch and there was adequate cinammon taste, raisins and oats. The sweetness was alright (at the point of consumption) too since I was craving for something sweet. Or perhaps I was feeling hungry at that moment that everything just seems so yummy! It was really embarrassing today! My tummy growled during korean class this morning and 2 of my friends heard it. But we laughed it off! Our tummies would often growl during class for the past 2.5 years in uni and so we kind-of got used to hearing one another’s tummy orchestra.

This was the oatmeal raisin cookie I was talking about.

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