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130: Dream House

I used to own 20 over Barbie dolls when I was young and a basket full of clothings and shoes for the dolls. There were the really basic Barbies (think Malibu Barbie) and the really grand princessy ones. Presents (birthday, christmas or even as a reward for the end-of-year exams) were often Barbie dolls. I remembered that when I was back in primary school, weekends were kind-of like family days together at the malls. And when Mummy would be shopping at either the ladies department or household department at departmental stores, I would often be looking at the racks and racks of Barbie dolls with great excitement in the children’s department. And I would pick one pretty one off the shelf and admire it, while secretly hoping that I would be able to get it for the next occasion (birthday etc). Until today, I still do admire the collector edition dolls while shopping at departmental stores. And I still own 3 collector dolls (still in their boxes) – my swan lake barbie, my russian barbie and my polish barbie. The russian doll is more than 13 years old now (I think). And the other two are around 10 years old. But they still look pretty in their boxes even though their pretty dresses and faces are not as clean and white as before (with a little tint of yellow).

And I used to remember having one of those Barbie dream houses with this cool pink Barbie convertible. But now they are just memories and things of the past. Dreams of a little girl. And the dream pink house was kind of like in this picture.

But with increasing age, this childlike innocence and excitement is long gone. Life just surrounds school and school just removes the element of life and vitality in me. And sometimes, I got to admit I am no longer young anymore (no matter how hard I try to deceive myself). Still, one got to dream sometimes. I was so excited (just as excited many many years ago when I was faced with those racks of pretty Barbies) when I saw this image of a house in Shanghai, China.

It’s a grand piano house! It has also been my lifelong dream to own a nice grand piano. And I’ve been thinking of getting one when I have the money (when I am working and earning). Shall talk about this dream of mine next time. Back to the house! What a pretty pretty house! It’s so amazing! I love it. I can imagine this as my holiday home. And when I’m bored of the city life, I can just pop by the grand piano house (nestled in the deep forest) for a nice retreat.


One response

  1. valorie wooldridge

    this is so cool i want it

    July 2, 2012 at 6:22 am

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