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133: Waffles!

I adore waffles! Waffles infused with fragrant coconut and pandan are my favourite out of the whole lot! The usual American breakfast waffles and Belgian waffles are nice too. But pandan and coconut waffles are the yummiest, especially when they are hot and fresh out of the waffle iron. I love the lovely fragrance of these little babies when I do pass by neighbourhood bakeries and confectionery which sell them.

Fortunately, the most convenient source of such waffles will be the pandan waffle (though rather expensive) sold at one of the snacks stall in my school canteen. It’s still rather acceptable, a good substitute when one has waffle cravings. On the other side of campus, the snacks stall over at the Arts canteen sells even yummier waffles. And there is often a long queue of people waiting for the auntie to make her waffles. And because it’s on the other side of campus (so far!) and I never liked queuing, I’ve only tried the waffle two times in my entire 5 (and going to be 6) semesters in school. And of course, Prima Deli sells awesome awesome waffles too! And because I was watching my diet and cutting down on such empty calories and sugars, I would often just watch the others indulge in their waffles and breathing in the lovely pandan and coconut fragrance from the waffles.

And imagine how excited I was, a few months ago, when Daddy told us that we do have a waffle iron machine tucked away deep in the storeroom. And with Chinese New Year approaching, the parents decided to do some spring cleaning and packing up of the storeroom and this little baby was found! THE WAFFLE IRON!

It’s so old school, with the rather ‘vintage’ flower designs on the waffle iron itself. But it’s a waffle iron! I am not sure who this iron belongs to but I believe it’s Mum’s, from many many years ago. But it is still working perfectly fine! Thank goodness!

The parents bought some fresh grated coconuts from the market this morning to make their ondeh-ondeh. And while they are currently away at the supermarket doing their weekly marketing affair, I decided to make a waffle (sneakily).

I was looking at the pandan waffles recipe from House of Annie. The lady’s pandan waffles are all so delicious looking! And her recipe looks like a ‘keeper’. I decided to embark on my first experimental waffle  based on this lovely recipe.  But I did not have any pandan essence or any pandan leaves or enough coconut milk.

And my waffles did not turn out as it should be. They were not the usual green because no pandan was added. My waffles looked more like Belgian waffles. But they were crispy on the outside. And there was the faint coconut fragrance from the pathetic amount of coconut milk I squeezed out from the fresh grated coconut. It can definitely be BETTER if I had the right ingredients and in their right amounts.

But I am still rather pleased that my first experimental waffle turned out well and lovely! It wasn’t the usual pandan waffles. But it proved that the waffle iron was still working well. I will need to get coconut milk and pandan leaves/pandan extract for my next waffle experiment. And who knows? Someday, I may have a waffles party over at my place (since many of my uni friends love waffles too). I AM LOVING this old school WAFFLE IRON. 🙂

Beware, more waffles will haunt this blog from this moment on.


2 responses

  1. Homemade waffles are a Good Thing! Glad you liked our recipe enough to try it. Good luck on your future waffle-making adventures!

    February 9, 2010 at 8:03 am

    • iamrina

      Thank you so much for the recipe! 🙂 Yes, I will definitely be making more waffles from now on. I’m planning to try the pandan waffle recipe again this week! 🙂

      February 10, 2010 at 8:13 am

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