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134: Cranberry Scones!

I know I’ve mentioned in this blog before that I adore scones! And I tried baking them too. I’m also a regular customer over at Oishii Bakery (at Beauty World Plaza) where I would purchase their scones whenever I drop by Beauty World! I would often purchase a bag of their plain old scones (7 for SGD2.80). Their scones are lovely! They turn hard after a day but just pop them in the microwave oven for 30 seconds and they turn really moist and buttery. Best eaten warmed (in the microwave oven) and with apricot/raspberry preserve. Four Leaves Bakery sells scones too but they are really expensive (SGD 1.20 for 1 scone!). But they are not that fantastic either. When purchased, the scones were cold and hard and even after microwaving them, they weren’t as moist and buttery (as Oishii) but hard and tough.

I dropped by Beauty World just now for lunch and bought a bag of cranberry scones. And the scones were WARM AND FRESHLY BAKED. We saw that there weren’t any scones on the racks so Mum asked one of the ladies. The friendly auntie/owner said that they were still baking the scones and she went in to the kitchen subsequently to check if they were ready. She emerged and told us that the cranberry scones were ready but were still being cooled on the racks and asked if we wanted them. Yes, of course! So I bought a bag of 7 WARM AND FRESHLY OUT OF THE OVEN cranberry scones (7 for SGD3.80).

I was so proud of my babies, as I walked out of the bakery. They were still warm 🙂 And yes, I couldn’t resist them so I had one scone when I reached home. The scone was (OMG) DELICIOUS! The freshly baked scone was even more delicious. Nothing beats freshly baked warm scones. Even without any apricot preserve, the scone was delicious on its own.

And I am going to be a happy happy girl. Sis was telling us that her really rich friend in uni got a BMW for her 21st birthday. Well, her family is crazily rich. I think she has 8 other siblings and they currently have 10 cars at home (one for each child). But well, I’m not as rich. I was telling Mum that I want a winter white hamster for my birthday.

After Peppers died, I was hamster-less for about a year. Out of all the hamsters I had (Happy, Hammy, JubJub, Bubbles and Peppers), JubJub was my favourite. I know I shouldn’t be comparing my hamsters (aka my kids) but JubJub brought me the most joy and laughter. I love his lazy ways, his greed and his fluffy fatty body (yes, he was the chubbiest of them all).

Without any hamsters in my life, life has gotten so boring. When I was stressed, I used to play with my hamsters and they brought me much joy. But seeing that I wouldn’t have time to care for two hamster anymore, I decided to get just one since hamsters are solitary animals.  Back then, I used to have Bubbles and JubJub in one cage. They got along really fine at first (when they were much younger) and were really loving. But when they got older, they would often fight. JubJub, being the more aggressive one, would often bully Bubbles. And so they had to be separated. Cleaning two cages at any one time was quite water- and time-consuming too.

Anyway, the thing to be happy about is that my parents have (once again) given me the permission to rear hamsters. And if things go right, I will be getting my winter white hamster tonight. I want a winter white (the normal ones), I don’t want those fancy Roborovski etc. And when I get my hamster, I am going to name it PUMPKIN.

And later, I got to clean the cage that has been tucked away in the storeroom. And dig up the pack of leftover wooden shavings/bedding. I think the pack of food has expired so I will need to get another pack of hamster food.



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