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135: Little Pumpkin

Not the vegetable. Not my favourite orange vegetable.

But my hamster #6. I’ve decided to call it “pumpkin”, much to the dislike of my sister, my cousin and my aunt. And it’s a male. He’s a winter white sapphire. And he’s really tiny now, about 4-5 weeks old.

He’s really agile and really fast. And right now, he’s sleeping really soundly in his huge double storey house. Taming him seems to be my only problem now. He’s seems a little scared sometimes. But when he’s afraid, he doesn’t run away but he hisses.

I got to be really patient and gentle while handling him. I’m going to bribe him with some fresh food tonight, on my palms (of course). I got to start early and well, slow and steady too. Wish me luck:)

I’m going to groom him to be the next JubJub, my lovely squeeze.

Updates! (at 2248hr) – Pumpkin isn’t too afraid when I put my hands into his cage anymore. I just got to be slow and gentle. And he’s accepting food (carrot and sunflower seeds) from my fingers. Hurrays! One step forward!:) For now, I’m praying that he’ll be able to accept and trust me. And of course, stay healthy!

You know, I was reading someone’s blog about her hamsters. And really spookily coincidentally… her two hamsters are called Peppers and Pumpkin. I gave my previous hamster the name “Peppers” randomly and because it sounded nice and he was white like powdered white pepper. And “Pumpkin” was named so because I like the sound of the name too and it happened to be my favourite orange vegetable.


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