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136: Lunar New Year Day 1

새해 복 많이 받으세요!

This was the korean phrase our korean teacher taught us last Thursday. And it basically means “Happy New Year”. And the actual meaning is that I hope that you will receive lots of good fortune in the new year! So, 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

The first day of Chinese New Year is typically spent at my maternal grandparents’ place. And today, it’s a little different from usual. Had the usual mini “gambling” of blackjack with the cousins, the uncle and aunts and grandma! Besides the usual really yummy homemade CNY goodies of pineapple tarts and cornflake cookies  (courtesy of the cousin’s aunt’s homemade cookies), we had yummy Shiroi Kobito. The famous Hokkaido white chocolate langue de chat cookies the uncle bought home from Japan. Yum:)

And right after the afternoon session of gambling, we headed down to Sentosa. The uncle, aunt and cousins wanted to visit the newly opened Resorts World Sentosa (RWS). The casino opens today and Universal Studios is having their preview promotion at SGD10 per person starting today.

When we reached RWS, it was pretty chaotic. The directions of the carpark were really fuzzy. And as expected, there were a lot of people today since it’s the first day of the Lunar New Year holidays. And surprisingly, there were a lot of foreigners (Chinese tourists, Indonesian tourists, Foreign Workers etc). At that moment, I really hated the warm crazy weather.

Headed to Universal Studios for the preview since the uncle bought tickets! Woohoo:) How lucky! The tickets were pretty worth the price. For SGD10, you get to have a combo meal at any of the restaurants within the theme park. I had wanted to visit the Oasis Spice Cafe since it was an Egyptian-themed buffeteria (with Mediterranean, Turkish, Lebanese and Indian food!). Or the Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor would be nice too! Pizza! But the uncle and aunt’s two friends who tagged along did not like the idea of the Oasis Spice Cafe so we ended up at Mel’s Drive-In.

Mel’s Drive-In – Imagine a typical American diner where one can have their burgers with fries and coke. It’s a “classic 1950’s drive-in diner that serves all-American favourites like their famous rocket sauce burgers, fish and chicken sandwiches with a side of fries and a thick milkshake”. The restaurant’s pretty retro looking. But the food they serve ain’t my kind of food. I never liked fast food. But seriously, I think the prices are pretty reasonable for a restaurant within a theme park. On normal days, a set meal (with burger, fries and coke) is around SGD8.

For the Lunar New Year preview special, they were offering two combos. And that means for the SGD10 ticket you pay to enter Universal Studios, you get to enjoy free dinner (combo meals at any restaurant within the park). Sis and I both chose the Set A, some Mel’s special cheeseburger with their special sauce. The Set B was some fish fillet burger. Beef and cheese and burger are three really good friends! So cheeseburger was the way to go!

I was really REALLY surprised by the portion of the combo meal. I got a really GINORMOUS cheeseburger, really thick pack of fries, a really LARGE (the normal Macs Large sized drink) cup of Ice Lemon Tea and desserts (choice of apple crumble with ice cream, brownie with ice cream and some chocolate mousse thing).

Sis and I got the apple crumble and brownie to share. The desserts were pretty nice! 🙂

This was the Large cup of Ice Lemon Tea with the nice Universal Studios Singapore logo.

And yes, the burger! See how huge it is! It was pretty alright, the tomato-based sauce was quite unique. The cheese is pretty unique too. But the beef patty was a little strange, it wasn’t soft (like Macs cheeserburger) but a little crunchy instead (it kind of reminded me of the Ramly burger patties I use to have in school). I couldn’t finish the burger! So I ended up leaving out the burger bun (the carbs) and ate the beef patty and the veggies within the burger. And ate only a few strands of my fries!

And for now, to end this post. Some photos I managed to take of Universal Studios. I didn’t have a proper camera so I relied on my mobile camera. And these are the few unblurred ones! I will definitely be coming back again! I WANT TO TAKE THE ROLLERCOASTER AND THE OTHER RIDES TOO! But I believe it’s going to be pretty flooded the moment it officially opens plus the tickets are pretty expensive too, SGD70 plus! 😦 Hmm, on the overall, Universal Studios Singapore is pretty small, if you compare to those theme parks I’ve visited in Korea and in Australia (Gold Coast). But it’s okay:) It’s near home.

Oh, I bought some keyrings as souvenirs too! Love the Jurassic Park and Shrek one. Jurassic Park is one of my favourite childhood movies. And the Shrek one is green and has the chinese character “dragon” which happens to be my zodiac. Bought the Madagascar Penguin keychain for my little cousin who could not join us today. Thought it was pretty cute, cause the keyring itself is pink and flower shaped too! Plus, she loves Madagascar. And I love the evil penguins in the show! LOVELY:)


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