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137: Lunar New Year Days 2 – 5

Should I be glad that the uni mid-semester break falls during CNY week or should I be mad that I got cheated of 2 days of my mid-semester break (since Monday and Tuesday are considered public holidays)? But I’m pretty sure if I had to return to school the day after the CNY break, I would be thrown into my post-CNY depressive syndrome.

Lunar New Year Day 2 was spent with my paternal family. As usual, it was a noisy affair.

CNY is terrible, terrible! I have been eating and eating and eating! All the bakkwa, pineapple tarts, cookies and chocolates! And I’m feeling super unhealthy and fat now. Haha:) I think I’ll have to run off those extra fats/weight/calories this weekend. And for the past few days, I have been eating really simple homecooked main meals (like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, porridge, a simple steamboat dinner, fish soup etc). But it didn’t help that there are plenty of CNY goodies stocked up at home and when I get stressed when studying or when typing my reports, I would conveniently get some and just start eating.

I must stop now! It’s Friday and definitely not TGIF. I’ve officially two days of my holidays left now. And I really don’t wish to start school! But I MUST STOP ALL MY CNY EATING NOW. I’m not going to touch those bakkwa, cashew nuts, chocolates, cookies and tarts from tomorrow onwards. No more junk food for me. Back to the healthy lifestyle and eating! It’s good for me and for my skin. I’m going to STOP eating all those goodies!

Anyway, I was a little bored so I decided to take some shots of the CNY goodies!

Pineapple tarts

Homemade Shortbread Cookies

Almond Cookies (My Dad’s favourite!)

Chinese Almond Cookies

Kueh Bangkit (my favourite of the lot!)

Love Letters (Coconut Egg Rolls)

Chocolates (mini Cadbury Dairy Milk and Ferrero Rocher)

Toasted Cashew Nuts

During this long week of holidays, I also got the opportunity to catch up on my Kdrama. I was watching God of Study (공부의 신) on and off during the school term and finally got the opportunity to catch up on my episodes. It’s been interesting thus far! The child actors/actresses are quite good! Yoo Seung-Ho, Go Ah Sung, Lee Chan Ho, Lee Hyun Woo and Park Ji Yeon! And the plot is getting pretty interesting! And there’s Kim Soo-ro although I don’t really like his role in the drama (and his acting). He would be better off in Family Outing. I think I much prefer my Abe Hiroshi in Dragon Zakura!

And I got started on another Kdrama too, Stars Falling From The Sky (별을 따다 줘). It’s the typical kind of Kdrama, when the unlikely couple just falls in love. The poor but cheerful and strong girl manages to melt the heart of the lead actor in the drama and they fall in love. Very cliched and typical. But I really think it’s the acting that got me hooked onto this drama! The child actors are terrific! Love them all, so natural! And they make this drama really interesting and amusing too. The lead actress is Choi Jung Won and I remember watching her act in Famous Princesses (소문난 칠공주). Famous Princesses was broadcasting on Channel U during the 7pm slot a few years back and I liked that daily family drama too (although it’s 80 episodes long)! The lead actor is Kim Ji Hoon. I remember seeing him act in some drama but I can’t seem to remember the title. He’s alright, still rather pleasing to the eye. Acting wise, still okay. The second lead actor is Shin Dong Wook, of Soulmate (소울메이트) fame. He’s pretty alright too. Although I think I’ll be rooting for Kim Ji Hoon in this particular drama itself. The second lead actress is Chae Young In. I was wondering why she looked so familiar and then I realised that she is the real Min So Hee in Temptation of Wife (아내의 유혹), the 2009 SBS blockbuster daily drama that is currently airing during the 7pm slot on Channel U. I’m currently on Episode 12 since there weren’t any new episodes that were being broadcasted in Korea this week due to the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Not too bad a drama, I guess. Since I’ve been really selective with the dramas I watch these days, if a drama gets too boring or dry or annoying, I’ll definitely stop watching it. But I’ve persevered thus far:)

Alright, my mission for the weekend before school commences (again). Stop snacking on the goodies and start eating healthy again! Lose the “weight” I’ve gained this CNY week! Revise my PK again! And treasure the last two days. So sad:(


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