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139: Bakerzin’s Cookies & Cream Cheesecake

The uncle, aunts and the cousins dropped by my place today and they brought along Bakerzin’s Cookies & Cream Cheesecake. There is a current ongoing February promotion, with any two 18cm cheesecakes for $48. It’s a pretty good deal! And Bakerzin’s cheesecakes are not too bad. I like them:) The last time I tried the blueberry cheesecake, it was pretty yummy and I liked the lemony taste of the cheesecake.

You know I promised! So in order not to foil my plans to revert back to eating healthy and to lose those weight gained during CNY, I decided to eat just a teeny tiny piece of the cake. The cookies & cream cheesecake was pretty yummy too. I thought the cake was adequately moist. I remembered that the last Oreo cheesecake I ate at McCafé was rather mediocre and dry. But this cake was not too bad. It tasted like ice-cream and the taste of cheese wasn’t very overpowering too. But it’s still kind of ordinary, just another Oreo cheesecake. I think they do have Black Forest cheesecake and Peanut Butter cheesecake as part of the promotion too. I would definitely like to try the Black Forest or Peanut Butter one instead!

Anyway, I’ve decided to go marketing at Giant with the parents tomorrow. I want to choose the ingredients I want to buy for my school lunch bento. First up, I need to get some japanese sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are nutritious powerhouses and they are so full of all things good. So delicious and so healthy! Best eaten steamed, of course! These will be my main staples for my lunch bento for school. And then, the rest will be my vegetables. AND I really really want to visit Daiso but Daiso opens only at 10am. I want to get some lovely cookie cutters and some bento accessories! And I want to get a madeleines mould! 🙂

I have just compiled an omnibus of recipes (mains, sides, salads, desserts) I’ve found online (from recipe databases, blogs etc) and I really really want to do some cooking and baking SOON! I want to make some delicious fresh looking salads with homemade vinaigrette! I want to make some yummy tasting pasta dishes! I want to cook up some healthy and wholesome mains! And I want to make some sweets for my sweet. I want to bake some sesame cookies (those that I know Daddy will adore). I want to make some lovely mini fruit tarts with lovely shortcrust pastry to share with my loved ones (I’m thinking those fruit tarts from Delifrance). I want to make some awfully sinful and calories-rich chocolate peanut butter cups (think Reese’s peanut butter cups)! I want to make some delicious buttery madeleines (loved the ones sold at Delifrance). There are just so many MANY things I want to bake and cook for myself and my loved ones! But I don’t have the time to do so! During normal school days, I will be so caught up with school and schoolwork and tests and assignments and reports. It doesn’t help that I have school everyday from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening. 😦 This is a sad sad life. And this mid-sem break wasn’t really useful either.

But looking at Pumpkin play/sleep/eat in his cage and when I let him roam out of his cage just makes me happier!

This little rascal was caught stealing a corn kernel from his foodbowl.

And he was caught lazing/taking a nap on his exercise wheel when he should have been exercising!

Terribly cute! Love this little rascal to bits!


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