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140: Cookie Cutter & Craft Punch!

I accompanied Daddy and Mummy down to Giant for their weekly marketing today! Decided to help them out with the marketing today! I felt bad lazing around on a Sunday morning when I could help out (maybe just a little). Bought some lovely japanese sweet potatoes, some red potatoes and some lovely greens for my lunch bento next week.

Anyway, allow me to be silly!

We proceeded to Daiso after the marketing and it just opened (we were like the first customers of the day). I was so happy! I was lucky that I brought along $4 worth of coins (all four $1 coins from my metal savings can). And guess what I bought? No prizes for guessing though. I bought a really pretty craft punch (it’s an Angel design!) and a cute pair of stainless steel cookie cutters (made in Japan! woohoo!). I’ve been wanting to get one of those craft punch for the longest time but they are always so expensive. And since Daiso is only selling for $2, why not? And I was faced with a whole rack of pretty cookie cutters, silicone moulds (I saw one silicone madeleines mould) and cakes moulds! So many to choose from but since I had limited cash, I settled for the most basic cookie cutter (a bear and a rabbit). I’ve been wanting to make these sesame cookies from Just Hungry and I shall experiment with them with my new cookie cutters!

If only I had early school days, I would troop down to Daiso after school for some little shopping! I love Daiso! There are just so many things to look at and to tempt you to buy. And there are always new arrivals whenever I step into Daiso. I want to get more cookie cutters, moulds, bento accessories and crafts!

I’m sorry for being silly. But I’m really very easily contented! I’m happy that I have in my possession, an Angel craft punch and a new pair of stainless cookie cutters (to add onto my Winnie and Piglet cookie cutters)! Yay!

Dad’s close friend is coming over to visit later. And to accompany the healthy fried beehoon that Mummy cooked, I prepared the Portobello, Ham and Cheese mix all by myself. It’s really simple and absolutely delicious! And this is before they are being toasted/baked in the oven. Yum:)

Alright, I SHALL NOT think about returning back to school tomorrow. I SHALL just enjoy my Sunday. A little family time, a little revision of my PK notes, a little Kdrama time and a little dispensing report time.

Also, there are some happy things to look forward to in the mail (next week)! A lovely earbuds from gmarket, a lovely sweet vintage top from PWP, a sweet dusty pink chiffon top from HH and my name necklace. I really think I should stop my online shopping! Oops! And I think I still have a backorder top from BC.



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