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141: A Gloomy Monday’s Lunch Bento!

I can foresee that tomorrow’s going to be a gloomy gloomy Monday. I dread school and I just realised the reason why only after 5 semesters in uni. That’s pretty slow but I’ll leave that for the next time. I’m just not in the mood to delve into those reasons why. I don’t feel like facing my “friends” too. I shall just emo my day away tomorrow. There’s horrid lab tomorrow and fortunately, the lecture tomorrow should be alright. But there’s a mid-term test on Tuesday and I’m going to spend tomorrow doing some final preparations before the test. And for now, I’m too tired and just not in the mood to review what I’ve studied during the past few days. I’ll leave that for tomorrow.

So I prepared my lunch bento for tomorrow, hoping that it’ll perk me up during lunch! Steamed a japanese sweet potato and some leftover carrots. And I attempted to fry my first 게란 말이 (egg roll) or the tamagoyaki. It’s my first attempt and I thought it wasn’t too bad. I used only 1 egg to do this so my 게란 말이 is kind of flat and it’s not compact enough. Most recipes call for at least 3-4 eggs to perfect the ideal 게란 말이 or tamagoyaki. But I don’t like eating so many eggs in a day. I eat an average of 3-4 eggs per week only. And to fill the lunchbox, I added in a handful of baked cashew nuts (wrapped in clingwrap).

Another really simple lunch bento! But it’s pretty filling and I like everything that goes into this bento. If you do google about the nutritional benefits of sweet potato, you will learn that some nutritionists rank sweet potatoes as number one in nutrition. And you can definitely read more about the nutritional benefits of eating sweet potatoes here!

I guess, I’m too tired to do anything right now. I shall just surf the Net for interesting recipes from food blogs and watch an episode of my Kdrama (Pasta/파스타). And I can’t wait for the mail tomorrow. I hope my earbuds and my vintage top will be in by tomorrow!:)


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