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142: Happy Thinking Day!

I was once a girl guide, 5-6 years ago. And 22nd February or Thinking Day is often a major event in school. In preparation of this big day, we would have daily footdrill practices in the basement carpark during recess and I remembered that it was really stressful. There were times when my beads of perspiration would flow right into my eyes and irritate them but I couldn’t move at all. And then, there’s the preparation for the recess sale during Thinking Day. There was a year when we baked chocolate truffles and there was one when we made pretty crafts to sell. And it would often be a huge success and our stuff would often get sold out fast. I really really miss girl guides! I miss those days of outdoor cooking, of footdrill, of campfires, of gadgets (where we build useful stuff with poles and twines) and of testworks. We were a really disciplined CCA and it definitely helped make me the person I am today. I’m glad I can still remember most details of my guiding years back in secondary school. I’m really afraid that in many years down the road, I’ll start forgetting them.

Anyway, happy thinking day to all the girl guides and girl scouts all around Singapore and all around the world!

In January this year, I did a mini review on Fruitus bars. I dropped by Cold Storage just this afternoon and saw that Fruitus bars were on sale again. So I bought all the other 3 flavours of Fruitus bars. I think they will be nice, just like the pomegranate bar I tried the last time.

I feel so guilty once again. 75% of the time, I feel I’m never contented. I dread school, I’m always emo/depressed over trivial things, I’m never happy with my life at times, I am never satisfied with how I present myself and how I look. And at times, I look upon others with envy. I really think I should stop that! I felt so guilty watching today’s episode of Life Transformer 2 on Channel 8. I really really admire the old granny in the episode! She’s 80+ years old and still so strong. And at the same time, I’m angry with myself for having the money and fortune to have many material things that some cannot afford. I have the liberty to spend on food I like. But there are people, like the old granny, who cooks a whole pot of preserved vegetables and eats it slowly day by day for 2 months. And it pains me to hear that sometimes, she merely mixes in some salt to her rice and that will be her meal. And she gives the fresh pack of food to her children to eat while she eats the leftovers. I just feel so sad, so sad. What did she do to deserve such a life? I really really want to help her. And I really admire her strength and all. She really deserves all my respect! She’s a really really cute granny too and she also has the desire to learn. She reads Lee Kuan Yew’s memoirs (so cool!) and she really respects him a lot cause he helped her a lot in the past. In fact, he is the reason we are here today. I really respect our MM Lee a lot too. Anyway, I hope her kids will learn to help their mother, I really hope they’ll be awakened. Hmm, I really want to help this old granny. I don’t wish for this to be all talk and no actions. I really need to do something.


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